Past Award Recipients

ASHG honors excellence in the field through a variety of awards programs, valuing over $200,000 annually. From prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in the field, to supporting the next generation of geneticists through merit-based travel grants to ASHG’s annual meeting, ASHG promotes the work of its members across the span of their careers.  In 2023, ASHG updated its award names.

ASHG Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to recognize substantial and far-reaching scientific contributions to human genetics.

2023: Neil Risch 
Bestowed as the William Allan Award:
1999: Stephen Warren
1998: Bert Vogelstein
1997: Philip Leder
1991: Janet D. Rowley & Alfred Knudson, Jr.
1990: Kary B. Mullis
1989: David Botstein & Ray White
1987: L. L. Cavalli-Sforza
1986: Mary Lyon
1985: Joseph Goldstein & Michael S. Brown
1984: Y. W. Kan
1979: F. Clarke Fraser
1975: Philip Levin & A. S. Wiener
1974: Curt Stern
1968: Harry Harris
ASHG Scientific Achievement Award

The ASHG Scientific Achievement Award is presented for remarkable scientific achievements in human genetics that have occurred during the last 10 years.

Bestowed as the Curt Stern Award:
2009: David H. Haussler & James Kent
2008: Evan Eichler
2006: Hal Dietz
2005: Patrick O. Brown
2004: Neil J. Risch
2003: David Page
2002: James Lupski
2001: Daniel Pinkel & Joe W. Gray
ASHG Education Award

The ASHG Education Award recognizes outstanding contributions to human genetics education.

Bestowed as the Arno Motulsky-Barton Childs Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Education:
2021: Neil Lamb
2012: Alan Emery
2009: Bruce R. Korf
2008: John Carey, Lynn Jorde, Louisa Stark
2006: Roberta “Bonnie” Pagon
2005:Joseph McInerney
2004: Robert Gorlin
2003: Joan Marks
2002: Kurt Hirschhorn
2001: Charles R. Scriver
2000: F. Clarke Fraser
1999: Arno Motulsky
1998: C. C. Li
1997: Victor A. McKusick
1996: Barton Childs
1995: Margaret Thompson
ASHG Advocacy Award

The ASHG Advocacy Award honors individuals or groups of individuals who have exhibited excellence and achievement in promoting the science of human genetics and its application for the common good.

2019: Rick Guidotti 
ASHG Mentorship Award

The ASHG Mentorship Award honors ASHG members who have significant records of accomplishment as mentors.

2019: Hal Dietz 
ASHG Early Career Award

The Early Career Award recognizes scientists who are in the early stages of their careers as independent investigators.

ASHG Leadership Award

The ASHG Leadership Award is presented on behalf of the Society to an individual whose professional achievements have fostered and enriched the development of various human genetics disciplines.

2023: Nancy Cox
Bestowed as the Victor A. McKusick Leadership Award:
2021: Wylie Burke [pdf]
2009: Arno G. Motulsky
2008: Victor A. McKusick
2006: David Rimoin
ASHG Awards for Trainee Research Excellence

The ASHG Trainee Research Excellence Awards honor excellence in research conducted by trainees through merit-based awards that recognize highly competitive abstracts submitted and presented at the ASHG Annual Meeting. Prior to 2023, award bestowed as Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards for Excellence in Human Genetics Research.

2023: View 2023 Finalists, Semifinalists
Albert Henry, pre-doc
Kristy Mualim, pre-doc
Jennifer Waldo, pre-doc
Alicia Huerta, post-doc
Margaux Hujoel, post-doc
Jose Uribe-Salazar, post-doc
2022: View 2022 Finalists, Semifinalists
Frederik Filip Vinggaard Staeger, pre-doc
Layla Siraj, pre-doc
Marianne Lemee, pre-doc
Hai Nguyen, post-doc
Yosuke Tanigawa, post-doc
Nathan Nakatsuka, post-doc
2021: View 2021 Finalists, Semifinalists
Andrea Wilderman, pre-doc
Omar El Garwany, pre-doc
Kathleen Reed, pre-doc
PamelaSara Head, post-doc
Tinashe Chikowore, post-doc
John Morris, post-doc
2020: View 2020 Finalists, Semifinalists
Eddie Cano Gamez, pre-doc
Soumya Kundu, pre-doc
Jose Uribe-Salazar, pre-doc
James Pirruccello, post-doc
Meredith Course, post-doc
David Blair, post-doc
2019: View 2019 Finalists, Semifinalists
Joseph Park, pre-doc
Katherine Rhodes, pre-doc
Manar Zaghlula, pre-doc
Diana Cousminer, post-doc
Linda Kachuri, post-doc
Chelsea Lowther, post-doc
2018: View 2018 Finalists, Semifinalists
Ryan L. Collins, pre-doc
Amelia C. Joslin, pre-doc
Patrick J. Short, pre-doc
Konrad J. Karczewski, post-doc
Tarjinder Singh, post-doc
Dragana Vuckovic, post-doc
2017: View 2017 Finalists, Semifinalists
Joana Loureiro, pre-doc
Joseph Shin, pre-doc
Nasa Sinnott-Armstrong, pre-doc
Po-Ru Loh, post-doc
Navneet Kaur Matharu, post-doc
Satish Nandakumar, post-doc
2016: View 2016 Finalists, SemifinalistsBesse Beryl Cummings, pre-doc
Kevin Galinsky, pre-doc
Molly Gasperini, pre-doc
Filomena Pirozzi, post-doc
Elizabeth Ruzzo, post-doc
Ryan Tewhey, post-doc
2015: View 2015 Finalists, Semifinalists
Richie Jeremian, pre-doc
Suhas Rao, pre-doc
Kaitlin Samocha, pre-doc
Stefan Barakat, post-doc
Alexander Gusev, post-doc
Hagen Tilgner, post-doc
2014: View 2014 Finalists, Semifinalists
Ian Campbell, pre-doc
Masoud Zamani Esteki, pre-doc
Yih-Chii Hwang, pre-doc
Martijn van de Bunt, post-doc
Jennifer Gruhn, post-doc
Matthew Maurano, post-doc
2013: View 2013 Finalists, Semifinalists
Juan Francisco Calderon, pre-doc
Iain Mathieson, pre-doc
Andrew Stergachis, pre-doc
Anne-Karin Arndt, post-doc
Curtis French, post-doc
Shyam Gopalakrishnan, post-doc
2012: View 2012 Finalists, Semifinalists
Valerie Arboleda, pre-doc
Weston Powell, pre-doc
Matthew Snyder, pre-doc
Olivier Delaneau, post-doc
Alexander Doyle, post-doc
Brian O’Roak, post-doc
2011: View 2011 Finalists, Semifinalists
Elizabeth Gerber, Predoctoral
Nir Oksenberg, Predoctoral
Adrian Reich, Predoctoral
Megan Dennis, Postdoctoral
Jean-Baptiste Riviere, Postdoctoral
Christopher Vlangos, Postdoctoral
2010: View 2010 Finalists, Semifinalists
Lindsay Wallace, Predoctoral Basic
Krista Geister, Predoctoral Translational
Taiji Tsunemi, Postdoctoral Basic
Anthony Guerrerio, Postdoctoral Translational
Kristina Roberts, Postdoctoral Translational
2009: Katarzyna Bryc, Predoctoral Basic
Jefferson Doyle, Predoctoral Clinical
Karen M. Berry, Predoctoral Translational
Matthew E. Johnson, Postdoctoral Basic
Lisa M. Baye, Postdoctoral Translational
Christiane Zweier, Postdoctoral Clinical
2008: Yun Li, Predoctoral Basic
Randy Chandler, Predoctoral Translational
Sabino Benko, Predoctoral Clinical
Gulum Kosova, Predoctoral Clinical
Ayelet Erez, Postdoctoral Translational
Seongjin Seo, Postdoctoral Translational
Salil Lachke, Postdoctoral Clinical
2007: Jain Mahim, Predoctoral Basic
Clement Chow, Predoctoral Translational
Graham Coop, Postdoctoral Basic
David Ng, Postdoctoral Basic
Marwan Tayeh, Postdoctoral Translational
Christian Windpassinger, Postdoctoral Clinical
2006: Brian Capell, Predoctoral clinical
Irfan Saadi, Postdoctoral clinical
Karen Thatcher, Predoctoral basic
Barbara Stranger, Postdoctoral basic
Jessica Young, Predoctoral translational
Andrew Sharp, Predoctoral translational
Norann Zaghloul, Postdoctoral translational
2005: Alexandra Dumitrescu, Predoctoral clinical
Kym Boycott, Postdoctoral clinical
Nuo Yang, Predoctoral basic
Reid Alisch, Postdoctoral basic
Roger Davis, Predoctoral translational
Jennifer Habashi, Postdoctoral translational
2004: Molly Sheridan, Predoctoral clinical
Yen-Pei Chang, Postdoctoral clinical
Ahmad Khalil, Predoctoral basic
Sara Rodriguez-Jato, Postdoctoral basic
Paul Gregorevic, Postdoctoral translational
2003: T. Zucchero/M. Mira, Predoctoral clinical
Sebastien Jacquemont, Postdoctoral clinical
Lilei Zhang, Predoctoral basic
Joshua Mendell, Postdoctoral basic
Lawrence Reiter, Postdoctoral translational
2002: Scott Houghtaling, Predoctoral clinical
Maran Huizing, Postdoctoral clinical
C. Dobson/D. Ng/A. Sharp, Predoctoral basic
Jeffrey Baily/Kara Koehler, Postdoctoral basic
Pia Huusko/Mihaela Stefan, Postdoctoral translational
2001: J. M. Amos-Landgraf/H. Date, Predoctoral clinical
Min Fanga, Postdoctoral Clinical
Pamela Frischmeyer, Predoctoral Basic
Audrey Lynn, Postdoctoral Basic
Catia &reassi, Postdoctoral Translational
2000: Swaroop Aradhya, Predoctoral clinical
Zayd Eldadah, Postdoctoral clinical
Eric Ostertag, Predoctoral Basic
James Sligh, Postdoctoral Basic
Joseph Hacia, Postdoctoral Translational
1999: I. Hedenfalk/D. Horsford/G. Pennarum, Predoctoral clinical
Lucas Bubendorf, Postdoctoral translational
Kara Manning, Predoctoral basic
Therese M. Tuohy, Postdoctoral Basic
1998: Barbara A. Binzac, Predoctoral clinical
Jose Camacho, Postdoctoral clinical
Len Pennacchio, Predoctoral basic
John Moran, Postdoctoral basic
1997: Maria Lalioti, Predoctoral clinical
Nandita Quaderi, Postdoctoral clinical
Alexandre Alcais, Predoctoral basic
Rajendra Kumar-Singh, Postdoctoral basic
1996: Alex Nechiporuk, Predoctoral clinical
Nancy Braverman, Postdoctoral clinical
Neil Lamb/Haley Perlock, Predoctoral basic
Robert Montgomery, Postdoctoral basic
1995: F. Petrij/R.M. Plenge, Predoctoral clinical
C. Bonemann/E. Burright, Postdoctoral clinical
D. Eberhart, Predoctoral basic
J. K. Overturf, Postdoctoral basic
AJHG Award for Outstanding Trainee Publication

Each year, the AJHG Award for Outstanding Trainee Publication is presented is presented to trainee authors of two articles published in AJHG in the previous year that best represent outstanding scientific contributions to the field of human genetics. Prior to 2023, award bestowed as the AJHG C.W. Cotterman Award.

 HGGA Award for Outstanding Early Career Publication

Each year, the HGGA Award for Outstanding Early Career Publication annually recognizes outstanding contributions to the field made by young investigators. Prior to 2023, award bestowed as the HGGA Early Career Investigator Award.

Resource Limited Awards

The Resource Limited Awards help defray the costs of airfare, hotel, meals and registration for the ASHG Annual Meeting.

Ayda Abolhassani
Zafar Ali
Mohamed Zahir Alimohamed
Marion Amujal
Chinyere Anyika
Chandrika Bhattacharyya
Macoura Gadji
Rauan Kaiyrzhanov
Christine Ongoiba
Maha Zaki
Esha Bhattacharjee
Sudipta Chakraborty
Saba Faraz
Ambrin Fatima
Zahra Tariq
Naseebullah Kakar
Cybel Mehawej
Palwende Boua
Gerrye Mubungu
Yusuf Danasabe Jobbi
Richard Mayanja
Christopher Kintu
Alassane Dit Baneye Maiga
Oumou Traoré
Mariam Traore
Arwa Babai
Comfort Kanji
Kizito Mosema-Be-Amoti
Ngozi Otuonye
Olusola Olawoye
Tawakalt Fagbayi
Olaitan Awe
Itunuoluwa Isewon
Adekunle Fakunle
Yacouba Dia
Ola Eid
Mona A. M. Abo-Zeid
Esther Uwibambe
Claudia Anyigba
Nouhaila En Najih
Amir Bouaziz
Farid Cherbal

Hosneara Akter
Deepika Delsa Dean
Ramon Jr Larrazabal
Amar Sharma
Raman Kumar
Tulika Kakati
Trupti Patel
Debprasad Dutta
Virendra Singh
Alka Singh

Purvi Majethia
Anju Shukla
Gerrye Mubungu
Alassane dit Baneye Maiga
Abdoulaye Yalcouyé
Karen Kengne Kamga
Hosneara Akter
Muhammad Ilyas
Anum Shafique
Shagun Aggarwal

Amin, M.
Chelban, V.
Nayak, S.S.
Ray, A.
Tyagi, R.
Chettiar, S.S.
Sudhakar, D.VS.
Naz, Q.
Uddin, K.M.F.
Arumugam, P.
Oumar Samassekou
Olanisun Olufemi Adewole
Patrice Avogbe
Samuel Kyobe
Palwende Boua
Ezinne Uvere
Jumoke Soyemi
Onochie Okoye
Doumbia Fatoumata
Lassana Cisse
Cheick Cisse
Savannah Mwesigwa
Arwa Babai
2019 Continued:
Samuel Adadey
Gora Diop
Yonas Balcha
Chiaka Anumudu
Oluwayemisi Olagunju
Elizabeth Olude
Oyesola Ojewunmi
Modibo Kouyate
Karen Kengne Kamga
Fanny Mbacham
Mbacham Sharon Bih-Epety Ngwafor
Momodou Wuri Jallow
2019 Continued:
Pooja Barak
Sohail Paracha
Parneet Kaur
Jignasa Dattani
Muhammad Ansar
Rifat Ahmed
Kenneth Onyegbula
Sajib Chakraborty
Shrayashi Biswas
Claudia Carranza
Manjari Jonnalagadda
Ahmad Habib
Abu Rayyan, A.I.
Labib, R.M.
Bhattacharya, S.K.
Sudhakar, D.V.S.
Mukhopadhyay, I.
Bhatti, S.
Kohli, S.
Cutiongco-de la Paz, E.M.
Kar, A.
Ansar, M.
Arumugam, P.
Tumulak, M.R.
Palodhi, A.
Hebbar, M.
Sayed, I.S.M.
Manjegowda, D.S.
Naz, S.
Uddin, K.M.F.
Jaishankar, S.
Landoure, G.


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