You can help ensure people everywhere realize the benefits of human genetics and genomics research. Donate today to support ASHG and excellence in genetics and genomics research, education, and advocacy.

Other Ways to Give

Mail Donation

You can donate via the mail by returning a completed donation form with your check to ASHG.

Gift of Stock or IRA Funds

You can also donate appreciated securities or funds from your IRA to ASHG. Before making a gift, please consult with your financial advisor or IRA plan administrator, then contact us for additional information and instructions.

Gift in Your Will

Leaving a donation to ASHG through your will is as an easy way to have a lasting impact on genetics, without any upfront cost. We suggest adding the following language to your will: “I bequeath (amount or percentage) to the American Society of Human Genetics, a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of Maryland, with the principal business address of 6120 Executive Blvd Ste 500, Rockville, MD 20852 and federal tax identification number 52-1419397.” Please also let us know of your intentions by completing and returning a bequest intention form.


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