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Human genetics and genomics are driving discovery and new applications across all facets of research, medicine, and society. ASHG programs enable people everywhere to better understand their genetic composition and basic genetics concepts, and to gain a new appreciation of humanity’s diversity and our shared genetic heritage as a single species.

Epigenetics Fact Sheet


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Genetic Technologies

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Weekly Updates

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Genetics Basics

Genetic Technologies Webinar

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6 Things You Should Know About Genetics

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STEM Careers Webinar

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Genetics and Research

New Fact Sheet: Analyzing DNA


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Populations in Research Handout


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Genetics and Health

Epigenetics Fact Sheet


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Ken Ramos Twitter Chat on Precision Medicine

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Rare Diseases Fact Sheet

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Genetics and Society

Interpreting Scientific Figures and Statistics


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Cultural Awareness and Competency Webinar

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Direct-to-Consumer Ancestry Testing Fact Sheet


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Genetic Testing, Privacy, and Healthcare

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