Genetics Basics: Six Things You Should Know

Human genetics is a branch of biology that studies how human traits are determined and passed down among generations. Explore this exciting field to better understand how your genes help shape your traits and health.

DNA: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Learn about DNA, chromosomes, and genes – the building blocks of the genetic code – and how they result in human traits. Read more

Diversity and Variation among Humans

Variation and diversity are important in human genetics research and its health implications. Read more

Inheritance, Health, and Disease

Learn how genetic traits are passed down through families and how they may affect health. Read more

Family History

By collecting your family’s health history, you can learn what health problems you may be at increased risk for in the future and how to reduce your risks. Read more

Genetic Testing, Privacy, and Healthcare

Understand genetic testing options, privacy protections for your genetic information, and how you may encounter genetic testing in healthcare. Read more

Medical Genetics

Understanding how variations in an individual’s DNA may affect disease and health is the focus of genomic medicine. Read more


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