Human Genetics and Genomics Advances (HGG Advances)

Michael Bamshad, Editor, HGG Advances: Why Publish in HGG AdvancesThe American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) announced in May 2020 the launch of Human Genetics and Genomics Advances, a new journal that provides a high-quality, scientific society-led, fully open access option for the human genetics and genomics research community. Membership in ASHG is not a prerequisite for publication in HGG Advances, but corresponding authors who are members at the time the manuscript is sent to press receive a 20% on article publication charges ($2,400 for members; $3,000 for nonmembers).

HGG Advances publishes across the complete spectrum of human genetics and genomics research. Its mission will be to build the human genetics and genomics knowledge base, and it will be a home for a wide range of research that meets ASHG’s enduring standards for scientific rigor, validity, and reproducibility. The journal offers rapid review and considers direct submissions as well as offers prompt, easy cascade from AJHG for authors interested in that option. Read more about the establishment of HGG Advances.

Aims and Scope

HGG Advances is an important addition to the ASHG family of journals. It offers researchers a home for a wide variety of research findings and formats and is committed to prompt dissemination of results through timely peer review, continuous online publication, and innovation in responding to the human genetics and genomics community’s needs as the field evolves.

Editorial Process

All submissions are initially evaluated in depth by the editors. Manuscripts that do not conform to the general criteria for publication will be returned to the authors without detailed review. Otherwise, manuscripts will be sent to at least two reviewers who have agreed in advance to assess the paper rapidly. The editors will make every effort to reach decisions within 4 weeks of the submission date. If revisions are a condition of publication, generally 4 weeks are allowed for revisions and only one revised version of the paper is considered. Accepted manuscripts will be available online at within 1 week of acceptance. Issues will be published on a quarterly basis.








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