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To fulfill its mission, ASHG partners with numerous organizations and government agencies to collaborate on initiatives or fund the creation or expansion of programs that help ensure people everywhere realize the benefits of human genetics and genomics research.



Interested in partnering with ASHG? Please contact Megan Mitzelfelt, ASHG Senior Manager of Development, at or (301) 634-7348.


Our donors make a huge impact on the genetics and genomics community and society at large. Thank you to those who have made gifts since July 1, 2018.

Leslie G. Biesecker, MD

Katy Carrillo-Frost

Sumantra Chatterjee, PhD

Justin P. Collingham, MD

Jorge A. Davalos, MD

Robert J. Desnick, PhD, MD

Christine M. Disteche, PhD

Hassan Fagieh, MD

Karane Fischer

Adolfo D. Garnica, MD

Frank S. Grass, PhD

Werner Heim, PhD

Fuki Marie Hisama, MD

R. Rodney Howell, MD

Jennifer Hsieh

Jeffrey L. Ihnen, JD

Stanley Inhorn, MD

Melanie S. Ito

Peter B. Jacky, PhD

Lissy Jarvik, MD

Yanjun Jiang, PhD

Marilyn C. Jones, MD

William Kearns, PhD

Todd Kelson, PhD

Yoshiaki Kin, MD

Barbara B. Knowles, PhD

Julie R. Korenberg, MD, PhD

The Lennon Family Charitable Fund

Rolando E. Lovaton Espadin, MD

Frederick W. Luthardt, PhD

Thomas B. Lynch, MD

Charles J. Macri, MD

Mona V. Miller

Megan M. Mitzelfelt, PhD

Sri Moedjono, MD

Cathy Morin

Patricia Nakashima

David L. Nelson, PhD

Kent Opheim, PhD

Harry T. Orr, PhD

Jean H. Priest, MD

Benjamin Raby, MD, MPH

Eric Rodriguez

John G. Rogers, MD

Pierre L. Roubertoux, PhD

E. Safarians, MA

Irwin A. Schafer, MD

Moses S. Schanfield, PhD

Adele S. Schneider, MD, FACMG

Lana R. Seguin-Spillman, PhD

Rita Shiang, PhD

Ling Yu Shih, MD, PhD

M. Priscilla Short, MD

Alexa J. M. Sorant

Nancy B. Spinner, PhD

Jordi Surralles, PhD

Virginia P. Sybert, MD

Neal J. Weinreb, MD

Roger A. Williamson, MD

Nancy G. Wolf, MD, PhD

Ruiting Zong, PhD


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