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nterview Lynn JordeWhy should researchers add their voices and participate in advocacy efforts? Read these statements on the importance of becoming an advocate from Lynn Jorde, PhD, Chair of the ASHG Government & Public Advocacy Committee (GPAC) & Cynthia Morton, PhD, Incoming Chair of the ASHG Government & Public Advocacy Committee (GPAC).

As a member of the genetics community, I believe in the continued progress of human genetics, the value of genetics and genomics research, and its translation into advances in science, health, and society.

I pledge to

  • Promote and defend the science of human genetics and its application for the common good;
  • Contact my legislators on issues affecting genetics research, the translation of scientific discoveries into health advances, and the appropriate application of genetics in society;
  • Communicate the value of genetics research to the public;
  • Join with my fellow geneticists in taking action in support of genetics.

Please contact us at to give us your feedback on ASHG’s policy and advocacy work.


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