Interactive Invited Workshops

An ASHG Interactive Invited Workshop is an educational or instructional event that relates to scientific scholarship, research tools, new technologies, skill development, or public information related to science. Workshops are expected to include interactive components, in order to provide ASHG members and Annual Meeting attendees with programs of relevance and value. Please note: Commercial workshops are not eligible.

The submission site is now closed. Thank you for your proposals.

Due Date: January 28, 2021

Decision Rendered: April 2021

Workshop Duration: 90 minutes; requests for time extensions should be included in proposal and are not guaranteed

Topics Considered: Software and skills useful to genetics professionals, with lots of opportunity for interactivity

Resources for Crafting Proposals
Proposal Guidelines and Speaker/Moderator Policies
  • ASHG seeks to promote training in new technologies and may support certain workshops more than once. Workshops chosen in a given year are not guaranteed for acceptance in subsequent years.
  • All requests for workshops must be submitted online by January 28, 2021.
  • Before submitting a proposal, contact all instructors to ensure their availability as well as to obtain their agreement with ASHG policies. It is important to check to make sure a speaker is not being asked to serve on another proposal.
  • Review the step-by-step instructions below before entering the submission site.
  • The proposals will be reviewed and selected by the 2021 Program Committee.
  • The proposer must be a current ASHG member (2019, 2020 and/or 2021) and must serve as one of the workshop instructors. You can join ASHG or renew your membership here.
  • If the meeting is held in person in 2021, ASHG will cover the cost of room set-up, audiovisual equipment, and appropriate internet requirements for the workshop.
  • Complimentary registration for up to two organizers and/or speakers is provided. ASHG does not cover travel expenses for proposers or speakers.
Step-by-Step Submission Instructions
  • Pre-submission: Update ASHG Membership 
    Before logging in to submit your proposal, confirm that your name and contact information are correct in your ASHG website account. The email address on your account will be used for all communications regarding your proposal and cannot be edited once you begin. We recommend you draft your proposal in a separate document first so that you can cut and paste details into the submission form. You may save a partially completed submission and return to it at a future date.  If you cannot remember your ASHG login please do NOT make a new login, contact
  • Step 1: Beginning a New Submission 
    Sign into the ASHG website to arrive at the submission portal. Select “Add New” to begin a new submission.
  • Step 2: Basic Session Information 
    Enter a title and topic for your session. This page MUST be completed first during submission. Saving this page will automatically create a draft to which you can return until the deadline.
  • Step 3: Detailed Session Information 
    Enter the information described in each step, including:

    • Workshop description, written for meeting participants, maximum 2500 characters
    • Rationale in proposing the session, including the target audience, for Program Committee review only. Specify how the interactive nature of the workshop will be beneficial to participants
    • Whether you have run this workshop before and any feedback you may have received. The Program Committee is particularly interested in hearing how you will be improving the workshop based on past results
    • Four learning objectives for your session, focusing on the broad outcomes intended for the audience
  • Step 4: Equipment Needs/Room set-up 
    Indicate whether you will require any equipment beyond the standard setup for interactive workshops. Then, select whether you prefer classroom or round table seating.
  • Step 5: Proposer/Moderator 
    Use the people lookup function to search for yourself in the ASHG community database and add yourself as the proposer/moderator. Then fill out the financial disclosure information required for accreditation purposes. If you do not intend to present during the workshop, cancel the submission and have one of the presenters submit the proposal instead.
  • Step 6: Instructor
    Use the people lookup function to search for your additional instructor  in the ASHG community database and add them to your proposal. If you cannot find an instructor in the database, you will be given an option to add them after searching. If an instructor is also a moderator, they need to be added in both places.
  • Step 7: Review Summary and Complete Submission 
    Review the full session information under the “Summary” tab. If you have missed any required information, there will be a notice at the top. You can also create a printer-friendly version of the submission on this page. Once you have filled in all required information, your session is submitted. There is no separate “submit” button. A successful submission will prompt a confirmation email. You will not receive additional confirmations if you edit your proposal.
  • Post-submission: Revise by January 28, 2021
    Log in to the submission site to revise your proposal by the deadline. Review the submission summary each time you make an edit to ensure that the submission is still complete.
  • To withdraw a completed proposal, contact
Criteria for Evaluating Proposals
  • Need for the workshop and value to meeting attendees
  • Value of this type of interactive workshop over independent learning
  • Likely impact of the workshop
  • The number of times ASHG has hosted the workshop (or similar ones)
  • Balance of topics within the set of workshops to be offered (clinical, basic science, trainee development, etc.)
  • Cost to ASHG to offer the workshop


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