Volunteer Opportunities

ASHG offers members numerous opportunities to make a difference to the field. In doing so, you can gain expertise in new areas, expand your network, and cultivate leadership experience.

Applications and nominations Board of Director and committee service for 2025 closed on March 18, 2024

Become a Volunteer Leader

Apply to serve on ASHG’s Board of Directors or one of its many committees. Serving on an ASHG committee or the Board of Directors is an excellent way for ASHG members to participate in the life of the Society and help steer its future. It’s an opportunity to expand your professional network, strengthen your leadership and professional skills, and contribute to ASHG’s mission. 

Questions? Contact Amanda Fulk, Associate Director of Governance and Operations, at afulk@ashg.org.

Mentorship Opportunities

Volunteer your experience and know-how as an ASHG mentor! Participate in events like the Trainee-Mentor Luncheon to meet the next generation of genetics and genomics specialists and share your knowledge and career advice. Or, become a mentor year-round to the Human Genetics Scholars Initiative.

Genetics Engagement & Education Network

The Genetics Engagement & Education Network is a place where ASHG members can connect with students and the public. Sign up today and get involved in engagement activities like organizing a classroom talk, planning a field trip, or providing career or academic advice.

DNA Day Essay Contest

Every year, more than 300 ASHG members review and score essays submitted to the Society’s annual DNA Day Essay Contest. Member judges consistently cite this experience as an interesting and rewarding way to engage with the scientists of tomorrow.

Content Creation for the ASHG Website

Establish yourself as a topical expert and gain communications experience by contributing field-facing and public-facing content to the ASHG website.

ASHG Meeting Abstract Review

Get an insider’s look at the ASHG Annual Meeting and the very latest science by serving as a reviewer of abstracts submitted to the meeting.

ASHG Advocate’s Pledge

ASHG is committed to championing the importance of genetics, and advocating for policies that advance the field. By becoming an ASHG Advocate, you can participate directly in representing your field and learn about the policymaking process.

AJHG Manuscript Review

The American Journal of Human Genetics, a peer-reviewed journal published by ASHG, welcomes the knowledge and expertise of members in reviewing manuscript submissions.


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