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ASHG 2019 abstracts were due June 6, 2019. Thank you to all who submitted an abstract!

All authors will be asked to confirm the following when submitting an abstract: (1) I have read, understand, and agree to the rules and policies; (2) I am submitting this abstract with the intent of attending the 2019 Annual Meeting and presenting; and (3) I confirm that each co-author has been informed of this abstract submission and has agreed to all information as it was submitted.

NOTE: Authors who submit abstracts are not automatically registered for the meeting. In order to participate in the meeting and make their presentations, authors must register for the meeting and cover the costs of hotel and travel.

  1. Meeting Attendance: Abstracts must be submitted with the intention that they will be presented if selected. First authors are expected to attend the meeting and make the presentation. Authors should not submit abstracts if they do not plan to attend the meeting. Authors who cannot present as scheduled must notify the ASHG office in advance; authors who fail to do so may not be invited to present at future meetings. Substitution of the presenting/first author in platform and plenary presentations requires prior written approval from the Program Committee Chair. Substitution is not allowed without prior written approval.
  2. First Authorship: An individual may be first/presenting author of only one abstract. If an abstract includes co-authors, the presenting author’s name should be the first name to appear in the author listing.
  3. Co-authorship: There is no limit to the number of times an individual may appear as co-author on abstracts. The first author must inform and have agreement from all co-authors of the abstract submission. The first author will be required to confirm this information when submitting the abstract. The first author is also responsible for notifying all authors of any and all correspondence relating to this abstract submission.
  4. Research in Human Subjects: ASHG endorses the protections embodied in the Basic Principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and their expansion in the regulations governing research supported by the U.S. Government (45 CFR Part 46; 56 FR 28003). ASHG does not endorse and will not publish the results of research that was not conducted in accordance with these principles. Investigations involving animals reported in abstracts must have been conducted in conformance with approved principles of the care and use of animals in research.
  5. Gene and/or SNP Identification: The first/presenting author must present the gene symbol and/or name the identified marker at the meeting. Authors who do not conform to this policy at the meeting will be subject to sanctions as determined by the Program Committee.
  6. Prior Publication: Results or studies that have been published or that will be accepted for publication elsewhere prior to the submission deadline of June 6, 2019 must be disclosed and the author should make clear what new information will be presented. For purposes of this policy:
    • Material posted on a preprint server is NOT considered previously published.
    • Abstracts that have been accepted for presentation at other conferences are considered previously published.
  7. Review of Abstracts: All abstracts are reviewed by at least one Program Committee member and three ad hoc reviewers. The review process is strictly confidential. The Program Committee reviews all abstracts submitted for presentation and determines whether an abstract is suitable for an oral or poster presentation. The Program Committee reserves the right to decline a presentation to any submitted abstracts that lack scientific content or merit, or that merely announce the availability of a resource or service.
  8. Abstract Programming: When submitting an abstract, authors will indicate whether they wish the abstract to be considered for an oral or poster presentation or an oral presentation only. The Program Committee will make the final decision. View more details about abstract programming.
  9. Abstract Licensing Agreement/Copyright Policy: Please make note of the abstract licensing agreement/copyright policy.
  10. Abstract Publication: Abstracts selected for presentation and publication will be available online in early September. At this time, your abstract and all information will become a matter of public record and may be referenced by ASHG, media relations staff, and others. Please review the Abstract Licensing Agreement/Copyright Policy above, as well as the Embargo Guidelines.
  11. Abstract Citation: The Previous Meeting Abstract Archive includes guidance for accessing and properly citing ASHG Annual Meeting abstracts.
  12. Meeting Capture and Photography Policy: For platform speakers who wish to share their slides with fellow attendees, ASHG will set up a secure, slide-sharing website. Poster authors should note that unless otherwise indicated, attendees will have permission to take photos of posters. View the full photography policy.


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