Networking Opportunities

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The Virtual Meeting will host several features that allow attendees to connect! Session participants will be able to chat while watching educational content each day. There will be virtual chat rooms seeded with thought leaders daily plus interactive networking and Q&A opportunities with Journal editors, sponsors, and presenters each day. Registrants will be able to email poster presenters and as well as reach out to other attendees via email in the Virtual Meeting environment.

View the complete networking schedule here and mark your calendars!

Virtual Networking Chat Lounges

In these chat lounges, attendees can chat with session speakers, discuss the latest science and technology, and so much more.

Meet the Speaker Lounge

Speakers and moderators from select sessions will be available daily to field additional questions or talk more about their sessions. Impromptu discussions are also encouraged!

Hot Topics in Human Genetics Lounge

Looking to connect with others about hot topics in human genetics and/or your takeaways from the day’s scientific sessions? Stop by to chat with fellow attendees about the latest science and how you plan to use what you learn in your own lab.

Emerging Technologies and Innovation Lounge

Have questions about new technology? Want to talk about the exciting things you’ve learned in the Exhibit Hall? Or are you looking for collaborations with industry? Have those conversations in this chat lounge.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lounge

Come chat with your colleagues and engage with ASHG leadership about diversity, equity, and inclusion activities underway within the Society, needs in the broader field, your own experiences, and how we can collectively work to expand the benefits of genetics and genomics research for people everywhere.

Trainee & Early Career Chat Lounge

Chat and network with your colleagues in this space specifically for our trainee and early career members. Discuss career advice, grant funding, work/life balance, interview tips, and more!

Pop-Up Chat Lounge

This space can be used for those lively conversations happening when sessions or ending or if a group of attendees needs a place to virtually convene.

Virtual Networking Events

Meet attendees and exhibitors “face-to-face” via an innovative virtual platform, called Remo Conference, wherein you can video chat with those at your “table” and move around just as you would in-person. To make sure your computer is ready and learn the basics of using Remo, visit Remo Conference Support and view this tutorial video.

Career Paths in Genetics Reception

Monday, October 26th @ 2:30-3:30PM EDT

Come network with professionals working in a wide range of genetics-related career paths, including, for example, academic research, industry research, teaching, science writing, and much more.

Meet the Editors

Wednesday, October 28th and Thursday, October 29th @ 2:30-3:30PM EDT

Do you want to know more about publishing in ASHG journals? Come meet the editors of the American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG) and Human Genetics and Genomics Advances (HGG Advances).

Genetics Policy Forum & Networking Session

Fri. October 30th @ 2:20-3:30PM EDT

Discuss current issues in genetics policy, learn how to get involved, and network with others interested in similar topics.

Sponsor Discussion Lounges

Wednesday October 28th thru Friday, October 30th

Select sponsors of ASHG 2020 will be hosting topical discussions on meeting days – check the schedule for details.

CoLab Q&As

Wednesday, October 28th thru Friday, October 30th, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm 

There are 30 CoLabs, 30-45-minute technology-driven talks, that will be available to watch on demand during the meeting. Check the schedule to find out which CoLabs speakers are answering questions on which days!

Games & Trivia at the Virtual Meeting

ASHG is adding some fun to the virtual meeting platform: talk with colleagues, explore trivia and games, and learn about new technology from industry colleagues. You can earn points and engage with meeting-goers for a chance to win prizes such as AMEX gift cards, 2021 meeting registration and/or membership, and more!

By partaking in a game or completing small actions throughout the 4 days you can earn points or badges that lead to daily prizes.

Preview of Games

  • Trivia – search exhibit booths for the answers for daily trivia from PacBio, Twist Bioscience, CELLINK, and Nanostring and win prizes!
  • Profile Master – earn points just by filling out your online profile.
  • Top Networker – initiate chats with attendees and exhibitors and score points.
  • NGS Explorer + Other Categories to earn major points!
  • New Exhibitor Tour and other exhibitor tours so you can discover great new technology while earning points!

Prize winners will be chosen by highest points value each day. If there are multiple attendees with the same number of points, winners will be chosen by randomized process.

Prize winners will be notified by email. Your mailing address will be requested for prize fulfillment. Sponsors will contact winners directly for prize fulfillment.


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