The ASHG 2020 virtual meeting also includes access to 10 invited workshops for no extra fee. The workshop virtual program date will be announced in September. Invited workshops will be pre-recorded and available on demand.

  1. Interpreting Genetic Variation in Clinical Research using Ensembl: Exploring Ensembl/GENCODE Annotation, MANE Transcripts and the Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor (VEP)
  2. The Michigan Imputation Server: Data Preparation, Genotype Imputation, and Data Analysis
  3. GWAS Analysis with Galaxy on the Analysis Visualization Integrated Lab-space (AnVIL)
  4. Clinical Genomics Education Boot Camp
  5. The Latest Features and Data Types in the UCSC Genome Browser
  6. Julia Meets Mendel: Algorithms and Software for Modern Genomic Data Analysis
  7. Integrating ENCODE Data with Your Research: An Interactive Survey of ENCODE Tools and Resources
  8. RNA-seq for Mendelian Disease Diagnostics: A hands-on Tutorial Through Bioinformatic Tools and Workflows
  9. Variant Prioritization with OpenCRAVAT
  10. Find and Analyze Data in the Cloud with Gen3, Dockstore and Terra

These educational workshops are hands-on instruction, providing participants with experience and fluency in research tools, technologies, and skill development. Register for the 2020 Virtual Meeting and save! You’ll get free access to all ten workshops (a $150 value), plus four full days of scientific content in one low registration fee!


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