The ASHG 2020 virtual meeting also includes access to 10 invited workshops for no extra fee. Invited workshops will be pre-recorded and available on demand beginning, Monday, October 26. For your convenience, workshops will be available on demand for twelve months.

  1. Interpreting Genetic Variation in Clinical Research using Ensembl: Exploring Ensembl/GENCODE Annotation, MANE Transcripts and the Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor (VEP)
  2. The Michigan Imputation Server: Data Preparation, Genotype Imputation, and Data Analysis
  3. GWAS Analysis with Galaxy on the Analysis Visualization Integrated Lab-space (AnVIL)
  4. Clinical Genomics Education Boot Camp
  5. The Latest Features and Data Types in the UCSC Genome Browser
  6. Julia Meets Mendel: Algorithms and Software for Modern Genomic Data Analysis
  7. Integrating ENCODE Data with Your Research: An Interactive Survey of ENCODE Tools and Resources
  8. RNA-seq for Mendelian Disease Diagnostics: A hands-on Tutorial Through Bioinformatic Tools and Workflows
  9. Variant Prioritization with OpenCRAVAT
  10. Find and Analyze Data in the Cloud with Gen3, Dockstore and Terra

These educational workshops are hands-on instruction, providing participants with experience and fluency in research tools, technologies, and skill development. Register for the 2020 Virtual Meeting and save! You’ll get free access to all ten workshops (a $150 value), plus four full days of scientific content in one low registration fee!


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