ASHG 2020 Agenda – CME Sessions

Invited Sessions CME | P.A.C.E.® | NSGC
Wednesday, October 28
Variant-to-Function Coupling: Understanding Non-coding Variation in Human Disease 1.50
Re-evaluating Penetrance: Modifiers, Mechanisms and Implications for Genetic Testing
Asthma in Diverse Populations
Underrepresented Populations in Genomics: Health, Evolutionary, and Ethical Aspects
ASHG/ESHG Building Bridges Symposium: ASHG/ESHG Reconciling U.S. and European Guidelines on Variant Interpretation and Secondary Findings
Thursday, October 29
The History and Future of Protections Against Genetic Discrimination 1.50
Scalable Functional Genomics Approaches to Dissect Genetic Architecture
Extending Phenotype-Genotype Correlations to the Fetus: Integrating Genetics, Imaging, and the Electric Health Record
Delivering Genomics Digitally: Are We Ready?
Evolutionary Genomic Medicine
Friday, October 30
Indigenous Biobanking: Global Perspectives on Keeping Our Genomic Data Local 1.50
Using Novel Analytical Approaches to Identify High-Risk Genes in Next-Generation Sequencing of Multiplex Pedigrees
Epi-Phenotyping of Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Advances in Functional Transcriptomics: Linking Genetic Variation to RNA Processing
Application of Long Read Methods to Cancer Genomics
Platform Presentations CME | P.A.C.E.® | NSGC
Wednesday, October 28
Machine Learning 1.50
Genetics and Functional Insights into Cardiovascular Disease
Disorders of Brain Development
Mechanisms of Gene Regulation in Cis and Trans
Novel Statistical Genetics Methods for Complex Traits
Strength in Diversity: Improving representation in study populations
Thursday, October 29
Insights into Structural Variation Features in Constitutional Diseases and Cancer Genomes 1.50
Novel Genetic Factors for Cancer and Related Phenotypes
Rare Variants and Complex Disease
Natural Selection on Polygenic Traits and Omics
Single Cell Profiling in Disease, Development, and Distribution of Mutations
From Genes to Therapeutic Targets and Clinical Traits
Friday, October 30
Computational approaches for disease diagnosis and variant effect determination 1.50
Improving our understanding of the causes and consequences of cardiometabolic dysfunction
Molecular Mechanisms in Mendelian Disorders
Methods to Connect Gene Expression and Disease
Matchmaking and Mechanisms in Mendelian Disorders
Genetic Insights from Diverse Cohorts
Friday, October 30
Novel Biology from Large-Scale Genome Sequencing 1.50
Genome Discoveries from Long-Read Sequencing
Molecular Insights into Risk Factors and Mechanisms of Alzheimer Disease
Insights from Pediatric and Rare Disease Cohorts
Diverse Approaches in Analyses of Complex Disease
The Public Genome
Plenary Presentations CME | P.A.C.E.® | NSGC
Tuesday, October 27
Presidential Address: The Big Tent of Genetics/Genomics and Our World 0.50
Featured Plenary Session I 1.25
Wednesday, October 28
Featured Plenary Session II 1.25
Late Breaking COVID-19 Research Update 1.50
Thursday, October 29
Featured Plenary Session III 1.25
Friday, October 30
Featured Plenary Session IV 1.25



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