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ASHG is committed to providing access for attendees and speakers. If you require accommodation to participate, please contact us in advance of the meeting by emailing with your specific request, using the phrase “ADA Accommodation for ASHG 2022” in the subject line. Advance notice must be provided by September 15 to allow time to explore accommodations, especially for attendees who may require sign language services. ASHG cannot guarantee the availability of appropriate accommodation without prior notification.

Mobility Support
If you have mobility impairments, consider renting a scooter from Scoot Around or Los Angeles Scooter Rentals. They will deliver your scooter to your hotel and pick it up when you no longer need it.

For more details on Scootaround, visit or call (888) 441-7575. If contacting by phone, press option 1 to speak with a representative in the reservations department to place a rental order.

For more details on Los Angeles Scooter Rentals, visit or call (888) 600-1222.

Breast Feeding/Lactation Rooms

The LACC recognizes public ​accommodation for all breastfeeding persons in any authorized public locations. For those requiring additional privacy, the LACC has two lactation rooms. The rooms have electrical outlets and a sink. The West Building location also has a single-stall restroom.

  • South Building – located in the First Aid office in the South lobby (next to the escalators leading to the parking garage and Kentia Hall).
  • West Building – located in the First Aid office in the West Lobby (next to West Hall A).

In addition, ASHG has set aside Rooms 517 and 519, Level 2 (West Building) for the same purpose. A small refrigerator will be placed in each room.

Room 518, Level 2, has been set aside for the Family Room for parents to have a place to relax with their children during the meeting. Attendees may not use this room for babysitting purposes. All guests, including children, must be registered to access the convention center. Details are available on our policies page .

Childcare Services

Please see childcare services for more information.

Captioning Services

Real-time captioning services will be provided for concurrent scientific sessions. Dedicated seating areas will be set aside near the front of the room. Look for the reserved signs. For attendees that require American Sign Language, CART transcription services, or have a disability that may affect your participation in the annual meeting, contact

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC)

The LACC is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Accessibility services available to visitors include:

  • Designated parking
  • Automatic entry & exit doors, along with ADA compliant manual doors
  • Elevators that provide access to all areas of the facility
  • ADA compliant drinking fountains
  • ADA compliant signage for elevators & restrooms throughout the facility
  • ADA compliant restrooms
  • Wheelchair lift in the foyer


For additional information, you can visit the . ASHG’s usage of the space is outlined in the ASHG 2022 map (You can become more familiar with the building by using this interactive map to locate elevators, restrooms, and more. If you have specific needs for the meeting, please contact

Gender-Neutral Restrooms

There are two gender-neutral restrooms located inside the LACC as follows:

  • South Building – located outside Hall G, Level 1
  • West Building – located near Room 510, Level 2

Meeting Room Set-Ups

Adequate aisle space and designated areas with “reserved” signs will be available in all scientific session rooms in the convention center. A specially designated ADA lane will be created in the Concourse Foyer leading from the West Building to the South Building for those with mobility impairments or for those who need a little extra time to get from one spot to another.

Click here to view floor plan layouts for the scientific session rooms. The designated areas for those in wheelchairs or for reserved seating are located at the front of each room.

Speakers and Moderators

The standard head table set-up for plenary, invited and platform speakers is a raised stage (2-3 steps) with a podium, microphone, head table/chairs for moderators. If you need a chair lift, ramp, or high stool at the podium, please let us know by September 15 by emailing  The LACC only has one ramp and therefore it will need to be moved from room to room as needed.

Guidelines for Accessibility in Presentations

To make PowerPoint presentations accessible, please adhere to the following guidelines when creating your presentations:

  • 16:9 PowerPoint presentation
  • Add closed captions or subtitles to media in PowerPoint.
  • Use the PowerPoint default font of 44-point bold font for headings
  • Use 32-point font or higher for bullets
  • Include no more than 6 lines of text on each slide
  • Describe the content of graphic slides orally during your presentation
  • Have sufficient text descriptions of graphs and tables for presentations posted online or sent digitally
  • Describe slides briefly. Example: “This slide covers these three key points…”, “This graph illustrates these key points.”
  • Avoid pointing to something on the slide and using words like “this, that, these, and those,” unless you indicate what “this” means. Example: “This map shows…” (not “This shows…”). People who can’t see you pointing to a slide don’t know what “this” used alone means.
  • We suggest 1 slide/minute of presentation as a general guideline.


Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact meetings staff at For assistance with special needs or disabilities onsite, visit Room 508, Level 2





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