Why Choose an Official Hotel?

ASHG encourages attendees and exhibitors to make hotel reservations by using the official ASHG 2020 housing bureau, onPeak. We negotiate special rates with the most convenient hotels and recognize that attendees have many options in a variety of rate ranges when making hotel decisions

  • ASHG hotel contracts protect you. Booking within the ASHG hotel block gives us the opportunity, if the need does arise, to assist you with any hotel problem you may experience while at the meeting. When you choose other hotels or book through a third-party site, we have no way to help rectify a problem or inconvenience that you may encounter. Remember, all ASHG official hotels include internet in the daily rate and do not require pre-payments.
  • Networking opportunities. Many ASHG attendees will spend time in the hotel lobby, hotel restaurants, and hotel bars, which allows for more convenient meetings as well as opportunities for chance encounters with colleagues you may not have met otherwise.
  • ASHG can keep meeting overhead costs low. When you book through the ASHG block, we can maintain a consistent history of hotel rooms sold, which helps us negotiate and helps ASHG avoid large attrition fees for hotel rooms not used. ASHG earns credit for each room night used when the reservation is at an official conference hotel. This credit helps to offset the overall costs of the meeting and allows ASHG to keep the registration costs low.

ASHG has a long history of consistently fulfilling the minimum number of room nights to be sold according to our contracts with the hotels. Current economic conditions and outside competition, however, makes it more difficult each year to assure these rooms will be used. If the ASHG-contracted hotels are too expensive for your needs, consider the following options:

Share a room with one or more colleagues.

If you quality for a government rate hotel room, contact ASHG or onPeak first to see if they can assist you in securing the government-rate (government IDs required to qualify).

If you are attending ASHG with colleagues from the same institution, consider using our group booking form to secure a block using one credit card and one contact (review the group booking policies first).

onPeak staff are available to help you by phone at (800) 219-8916 or (312) 527-7300, or via their online form for assistance via email.



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