Return on Investment (ROI) Toolkit

Make a strong case for attending ASHG 2023 by explicitly connecting your institution’s goals, as well as your work and professional development, to the educational opportunities offered. 

Draft a Value of Attending Letter to share with decisionmakers: 

  • Focus on what you will bring back to your home institution (lab, department, university, hospital, etc.) 
  • Identify sessions tied to your home institution’s goals as well as sessions related to your work and professional development. 
  • Identify exhibiting companies and workshops that have importance to your home institution/career development. 
  • Identify networking and collaboration opportunities. 
  • Prepare a budget with cost-saving strategies: register early, share a room, explore best flight options, and plan a daily meal budget, etc. 

Use a Tracking Report to document your experience and ROI: 

  • Document key takeaways from the sessions and workshops you attend, as well as the posters and exhibits you visit. 
  • Prepare a Conference Report to share highlights with your colleagues and to justify your institution’s investment. 


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