ASHG 2021 will take place October 18-22 using a dynamic and interactive virtual platform, and we hope you will join your peers at the world’s largest online gathering of human genetics and genomics professionals.

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This year’s rules and regulations can be downloaded here: ASHG 2021 Exhibitor Rules & Regulations. Scroll down or click here to see our brief industry partner FAQ below (a full FAQ page is under development).

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To best meet the health and safety needs of our guests, speakers, and industry partners, ASHG will hold our 2021 Annual Meeting in a fully virtual format. The full announcement from ASHG President Gail Jarvik, MD, PhD, can be seen here.

ASHG is proud to partner with industry experts and newcomers alike who continually help us create the best possible experience for our attendees!

2020 ASHG Virtual Meeting General Statistics

There are several benefits to using a virtual platform:

  • Increased Access Worldwide: Virtual events remove the financial and scheduling barriers associated with travel to in-person events, both for guests to attend and for exhibitors to participate.
  • Access to Key Attendees: Meeting virtually makes it easier for key decision makers and purchasers to see your products and services for themselves, and for you to interact with those attendees directly. More than half of ASHG’s 2020 Virtual Meeting attendees were involved in the decision-making process for purchasing products or services for their organizations!
  • Robust Reporting Features: Virtual meetings are great for detailed reporting on attendee activities: who downloaded what collateral, who watched a webinar and for how long, and of course capturing contact details.

ASHG 2021 Virtual Meeting FAQ

Our exhibitor pages are under development. A full and updated FAQ will become available as more meeting details become available.

Are there plans to shift to an in-person or hybrid meeting as COVID-related restrictions ease?
No, ASHG is fully committed to hosting a virtual meeting in 2021.

When will you hold your next in-person Annual Meeting?
Our 2022 Annual Meeting is currently scheduled to convene in Los Angeles as planned on October 25-29. More details will be available in late 2021 / early 2022.

Will we receive an attendee list when we register as an exhibiting partner?
No, ASHG does not share, rent, or sell member lists or meeting attendee lists with contact info. Beware of solicitations claiming to have ASHG registration lists, these are scams!

Can my company sponsor a speaking session or an ancillary event without purchasing a partnership package or “booth”?
No, industry speaking opportunities and ancillary events are offered exclusively to our Virtual Meeting partners.

My company has rollover funds left from the 2020 meeting. What are my options for using those?
We greatly appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our industry partners as we shifted our 2020 Annual Meeting to its final virtual format, and we are happy to assist you with allocating your remaining rollover funds to best fit your budget.

Please allocate your rollover funds by June 30, 2021, toward your preferred option:

  1. Use the full balance of your 2020 rollover funds towards the purchase of new partnership packages, advertising, and/or other engagement opportunities for the 2021 Virtual Meeting.
  2. NEW! Use the full balance of your 2020 rollover funds towards 2021 digital advertising and listings on the new ASHG Industry Resources page – contact exhibits@ashg.org for details!
  3. Refund your 2020 funds via check, minus a 10% administrative fee of your original 2020 order total.
  4. Re-rollover your 2020 funds towards the 2022 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, minus a 5% administrative fee of your original 2020 order total.

Funds not allocated by June 30, 2021 will be automatically rolled over for use toward the 2022 Annual Meeting, minus the appropriate administrative fees.

Please reach out to exhibits@ashg.org with questions. We look forward to your partnership at the 2021 Virtual Meeting!

ASHG Exhibits Team

Special thanks to our 2021 Platinum Partners: Illumina, Thermo Fisher, NanoString, 10X Genomics, and Qiagen


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