Presenter Guidelines

Invited/Platform/Featured Plenary Presenters

Speaker Information and Instructions

Speaker Presentation Upload Site (coming in September)

Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

ACCME Accreditation Requirements and Guidelines for Oral Presentations

ASHG will set up a secure, slide-sharing website for invited and platform speakers who wish to share their slides with fellow ASHG 2019 attendees. When uploading their slides for presentation, speakers will be asked to indicate whether or not their slides may be shared. Speakers should be sure to certify that they have the necessary permissions for all slide content.

Please read our Embargo Policy

Poster Presenters

Poster Author Information and Instructions

Attendees may take photos of posters if the poster author agrees. Authors who do not want their posters to be photographed will have to indicate as such on their posters, using an image file supplied by ASHG.


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