Spotlight on ASHG Board Elections and Service

Learn How ASHG Board of Director Candidates are Identified and Elected and Consider if Board Service is in Your Future.

ASHG is committed to engaging members in the life of the Society. Elections provide a valuable opportunity to select leaders who can effectively represent both the Society and the scientific community. Acting on behalf of ASHG’s thousands of members, ASHG’s Board members guide the Society’s direction and resources, applying their broad perspective and diverse experience in the genetics and genomics research community.

Candidate identification and election: ASHG identifies candidates for Board service (including presidential candidates) through an annual, open call for nominations and applications from active ASHG members. The call for applications and nominations is sent to all ASHG members each year, typically in January or February. After a spring application deadline, the ASHG Nominating Committee reviews all nominations and constructs a proposed ballot. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors reviews the proposed ballot, which is then emailed to members. The Nominating Committee and Executive Committee work hard to ensure that the ballot reflects the Society’s value of diversity in its leadership, as defined by, but not limited to. scientific background, professional level, ancestry, and gender. Also considered are other variables of representation, including involvement with ASHG and relevant expertise in the human genetics and genomics community.

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Per the ASHG Bylaws, at least two (2) candidates are put forth for each director position and one (1) candidate is presented for the president-elect position. Effectively, the Presidential ballot seeks ratification of the candidate approved by the Executive Committee, as recommended by the Nominating Committee. This mix between uncontested (the presidential position) and contested (the director positions) elections exists as a best practice in the broader association landscape and is known as a ‘hybrid election model.’

Identification of the President: The President plays a crucial guiding role in the organization and an uncontested candidate, carefully selected by the Nominating Committee, who helps ensure that the individual elected to the office has the competencies needed to address ASHG’s opportunities and challenges during their term. Moreover, given the breadth of the field, the Nominating Committee has the capacity to consider a diversity of experiences and roles in the presidential seat.

ASHG’s Board is intentional in communicating their needs to the Nominating Committee. Recent communication has relayed continued attention to diversity of all kinds, as well as a need for personal aptitudes and professional experiences. These qualities help an individual work well within a deliberative body that must listen openly and also make group decisions regularly that may not ultimately incorporate all views. The Secretary and “past-past-president” also serve on the Nominating Committee, bringing direct perspective on the needs, challenges, and opportunities of the Board.


ASHG Board of Director members and officers serve in three-year terms based on the calendar year. Members provide strategic and visionary leadership to proactively identify needs and trends guiding ASHG’s direction to align with the Society’s mission. They meet twice a year in person, and at least once a year virtually. Learn more about ASHG’s newest Board members.

Applications and nominations for 2025 Board of Directors service will open early in 2024 on

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