Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee’s charge is to identify and develop volunteer leadership to meet the needs of the Society’s vision, strategies, and programs, recommending Board slates and committee appointments to the Board for approval. The committee creates the annual election slate for Board position openings to support ASHG identified needs and goals. Identifies and recommends (to the President) members to serve on committees, enabling committees to execute Board-approved goals and foster a pipeline of potential society leaders. In all activities, seeks to ensure diversity, in all its forms, in leadership positions. Committee meets by telephone once or twice a year in the spring to conduct business for the Election ballot and committee nominations.

2020 Committee Members

  • Chair: Anthony Antonellis, PhD, University of Michigan
  • David Nelson, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine (Past, Past President)
  • Donna Martin, MD, PhD, University of Michigan (Secretary)
  • Vence Bonham Jr., JD, National Human Genome Research Institute
  • Han Brunner, MD, PhD, Radboud University Medical Center
  • Sally Camper, PhD, University of Michigan
  • Hal Dietz, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Kelly Ormond, MS, CGC, Stanford University
  • Sharon Plon, MD, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Joris Veltman, PhD, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear
  • Lauren Weiss, PhD, University of California, San Francisco


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