Trainee Paper Spotlight: Luca Pagani

Trainee Author: Luca Pagani, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow University of Cambridge Tracing the Route of Modern Humans out of Africa by Using 225 Human Genome Sequences from Ethiopians and Egyptians. Pagani, Luca et al. The American Journal of Human Genetics, Volume 96, Issue 6, 986 – 991. This paper explores one of the early questions in... Read More

Trainee Paper Spotlight: Jessica Chong

Trainee Author: Jessica Chong, PhD Acting Instructor University of Washington De Novo Mutations in NALCN Cause a Syndrome Characterized by Congenital Contractures of the Limbs and Face, Hypotonia, and Developmental Delay. Chong, Jessica, X., Bamshad, Michael J. et al.The American Journal of Human Genetics, Volume 96, Issue 3, 462-473. This paper demonstrates the importance and... Read More

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