Why learn about Evolution?

  • Evolution Resources

    The National Academies site has a good selection of reports and papers about the importance of evolution as a foundational concept in biology. These resources are free to download.

Who is Charles Darwin?

  • Darwin Online

    Find the complete works of Charles Darwin, including his publications, manuscripts, and correspondences, as well as his Biography, on this site. 

  • On Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'

    This New York Times interactive feature highlights excerpts from Darwin's most famous publication, “On the Origins of Species”.

  • 'The Origin of Species' Film Series

    HHMI's Biointeractive series includes several short films between 15-30 minutes long which discuss Darwin, the Galapagos Islands, and the Malay Archipelago.

What is Evolution?

  • Understanding Evolution

    The University of California Museum of Paleotology's site is your one-stop source for information on evolution. Also see the companion site with information especially useful to teachers.

  • Evolution Education

    This website from the non-profit National Center for Science Education is devoted to resources for teaching and learning evolution, as well as defending public education against creationism. 

    • Handling Challenges

      This NCSE resource for teachers addresses not only common conceptual challenges for student understanding of evolution, but also counters common arguments made for teaching creationism.

    • YouTube Channel

      NCSE's YouTube channel contains interveiws, speeches, and presentations defending evolution.

    • Evolution Primers

      This collection of articles explores various facets of the science of evolution, particularly in relation to creationist arguements against evolution.

Connecting evolution and genetics

  • PTC: Genes and Bitter Taste

    This page about genes and bitter taste at the Genetic Science Learning Center's Learn.Genetics site is a nice bridge between teaching evolution and teaching genetics.

  • Evolution and Genetics

    ASHG members wrote a series of essays to support the teaching of evolution in science classrooms.