The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG)

Established in 1949, The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG)is ASHG’s flagship scientific journal that continues to publish many of the most important findings in human genetics. Topics range from Mendelian disorders and complex traits to epidemiological studies and population genetics, novel tools and technologies for genetic analysis, and advances in medical applications of genetics and genomics. The Journal also publishes commentaries and discussion pieces intended to generate conversation about issues important to the human genetics and genomics community.  

ASHG members receive a free subscription toAJHGand do not pay page charges or color figure charges when publishing in the Journal as corresponding author.  Members are granted immediate access to all articles, and six months after publication,all AJHGcontentis made freely available.  

Aims and Scope

AJHGwelcomes submissions of articles, reports, and commentaries on timely subjects concerning all aspects of human genetics and genomics, including studies of model organisms that are of direct relevance to human genetics. Manuscripts should be written in a manner accessible to professionals representing diverse backgrounds in human genetics. Letters commenting on material previously published inAJHGare also welcome.  

Editorial Process

Are you interested in publishing your work inAJHG? The Journal offers authors a user-friendly and efficient submission process and makes every effort to review manuscripts quickly and publish them as soon as possible after acceptance. All submissions are initially evaluated in depth by the editors. Manuscripts that meet the general criteria for publication will be sent to at least two reviewers who have agreed in advance to assess the paper rapidly. The editors will make every effort to reach decisions within 4 weeks of the submission date. If revisions are a condition of publication, generally 4 weeks are allowed for revisions and only one revised version of the paper is considered. Papers are published online on a rolling basis in advance of monthly publication of issues. Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication in AJHG may be offered transfer to HGG Advances, the newest member of the ASHG family of publications.   


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