Adjusting Your Research Data for Time-of-Day Effects

Adjusting Your Research Data for Time-of-Day Effects

Written by Nascent Transcript writer Sandra Smieszek Circadian rhythms affect most aspects of human physiology including sleeping, waking, alertness, optimal treatment regimens, and cognitive and physical performance. A chronotype indicates a person’s circadian rhythm, with morningness and eveningness, which describe the likelihood to sleep at an earlier or later time of night. The importance of... Read More

Question-Asking Behavior: Interview with Natalie Telis

Nascent Transcript writer Brooke Wolford interviewed Natalie Telis, a 5th year PhD student in Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University. November 2017  Diversity was a recurring theme at the American Society of Human Genetics’ 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida—from the Presidential Address by Nancy Cox, PhD, to the final talk in the opening plenary session... Read More

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