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Voices in Genetics AdvertThe third season of the Genetically Speaking podcast is now streaming on the ASHG Learning Center and your favorite podcast streaming platform. This season, titled “Voices in Genomics,” casts light on critical issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the field of human genetics and genomics research. Host Eli Roberson, PhD, Incoming Chair of the Digital Learning Committee, talked with each guest about their educational background, early career choices, and career influences. Guests, from genetic counselors to researchers to advocates, will share their personal and professional journeys; highlighting the pivotal role DEI plays in fostering representation in their work, in their research, in their workplaces, and beyond.

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Career Journeys: Through the stories shared by professionals like Farren Briggs, PhD, ScM and Christopher R. Donohue, PhD, listeners will gain insights into the myriad of paths that individuals can take in order to enter and excel within the field of genetics and genomics. From education pivots to career changes and the pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, each narrative underscores the power of personal conviction in driving meaningful change in scientific research and beyond. Additionally, guests highlight the intersectionality of identity and its influence on professional trajectories; emphasizing the importance of embracing diverse perspectives to foster innovation and address systemic disparities.

This season will also showcase the resilience and resourcefulness of each individual in navigating obstacles and creating opportunities for themselves and others. Through mentorship, advocacy, and networking initiatives, guests like Katrina Claw, PhD and Luciani Carvalho, MD, PhD, demonstrate their commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders from underrepresented backgrounds.

Community Engagement: Listeners will also hear rich insights from guests such as Wylie Burke, MD, PhD and Jey McCreight, PhD, who will discuss community engagement and highlight diverse approaches and initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity and addressing healthcare disparities. From grassroots advocacy to international outreach efforts, guests showcase a multifaceted approach to community engagement that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries.

You will also get the opportunity to hear Daphne Martschenko, PhD and Iman Martin, PhD, MPH, MSc delve into their experiences in spearheading educational campaigns and outreach programs to raise awareness about genetic testing and counseling services among underserved populations. By leveraging culturally sensitive approaches and collaborating with community leaders and organizations, they talk about their work bridging the gap in access to genetic healthcare and empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Mentor and Perspective Mentee going over Career Options Mentorship: Mentorship is pivotal throughout one’s career. This season’s discussions around mentorship and support networks underscore their importance in nurturing talent and fostering resilience, particularly for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Mentoring programs like those facilitated by Michelle Takemoto, MS, CGC and Barbara Harrison, MS, CGC offer tailored support to navigate systemic barriers and amplifying voices in the scientific community. By championing mentorship and support networks that prioritize inclusivity and cultural competence, this season’s array of guests aims to cultivate a new generation of diverse leaders and advocates who are equipped to address the complex challenges facing the field and drive positive change in healthcare outcomes.

Equitable Access to Healthcare: During your listen through of this season, you will hear genetics professionals discuss access to genetic and genomic healthcare as a central concern, with the goal of dismantling systemic barriers. Guests like Claudia Gonzaga-Jauregui, PhD highlight the need for more accessibility in genetic testing and work towards equitable access to these essential resources.

In their efforts to address disparities in healthcare access, this season’s guests propose multifaceted strategies aimed at promoting equity in genetic and genomic services. These strategies encompass advocacy efforts to expand insurance coverage for genetic testing, initiatives to increase cultural competence among healthcare providers, and community outreach programs focused on raising awareness and education about the benefits of genetic counseling and testing. By advancing these initiatives, professionals seek to bridge the gap in healthcare access and empower marginalized communities to make informed decisions about their health, ultimately fostering greater equity and inclusivity in the field of genetics and genomics.

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The latest Genetically Speaking season offers a candid exploration of the intersection in DEI and the field of human genetics. Through these conversations and diverse perspectives, listeners will gain valuable insights into the challenges, initiatives, and aspirations shaping the future of genetic and genomic healthcare. Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t just a moral imperative; it’s essential for realizing the benefits of human genetics and genomics research for people everywhere.

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