ASHG Connects with Biology Teachers at NABT 2020

Posted By: Evelyn Mantegani, Senior Specialist, Marketing and Communications, ASHG

How many careers in genetics were born in the classroom? An enthusiastic teacher may have opened a student’s eyes to the wonders of DNA, or Punnett Squares may have drawn a student’s curiosity. Biology teachers are often the people who introduce students to the science of genetics for the first time. ASHG’s mission is to advance human genetics and genomics in science, health, and society through excellence in research, education, and advocacy. As part of its Public Engagement and Education initiative, the Society pursued excellence in education by connecting with biology teachers at the 2020 National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Professional Development Conference​. The goal was to share ASHG’s educational resources and to increase teachers’ awareness of these resources.

Fresh off the ASHG 2020 Virtual Meeting, ASHG exhibited at the 2020 NABT Professional Development Conference. Hosted for biology teachers, this event connects teachers with their colleagues around the country, exhibitors, and leaders in biology and life sciences. Originally scheduled to be held live in Baltimore, this event pivoted to be a fully online event. Held virtually from November 5-7, 650 attendees participated to obtain resources they could take directly back to their students.

ASHG is uniquely positioned to provide teachers with resources that can be utilized both for virtual and in-person learning. The Society’s booth promoted its educational resources, such as the virtual connection option in the GENE Network which allows teachers to set up a virtual meeting between an ASHG member and their students, fact sheets about Huntington Disease and Direct-to-Consumer Ancestry Tests, and resources to teach evolution. Over the two and a half day event, nearly 100 event attendees visited ASHG’s booth to discuss the Society, how it shows up for teachers, and its educational resources.

The NABT 2020 Professional Development Conference was a meaningful way to connect with those who foster the growth of the next generation of human geneticists. As the only group presenting information about human genetics at the meeting, ASHG was happy to bring attention to its educational resources and position as a supporter and collaborator of teachers. The Society looks forward to continuing its participation in events like this as we promote and acknowledge excellence in education!

The NABT Online Conference Platform will remain available until February 3, 2021 and features over 100 on-demand sessions. If you are interested in accessing this content, NABT is offering GENE Network members $50 off registration with the code PDC-ASHG. This code is available until January 31, 2021. More information about the conference can be found here.

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