Kritika Singh is a PhD Candidate at Vanderbilt Genetic Institute, Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Trainee Paper Spotlight: Kritika Singh

Kritika Singh, BS, PhD Candidate Vanderbilt Genetic Institute, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Singh K, et al. Integrative genomic analyses identify susceptibility genes underlying COVID-19 hospitalization. 2021 Nature Communications 12, 4569. ASHG: Can you describe the type of research that has your primary focus? Kritika: My overarching research goals focus on understanding the shared biology of various... Read More

Justyna Resztak, MS

Trainee Paper Spotlight: Justyna Resztak, MS

It is well known that both nature and nurture play a large role in our long-term health outcomes. However, the gene by environment dynamics for many complex traits is still poorly understood. Justyna Resztak and colleagues added to this growing body of literature through their study by understanding the genetic effects of psychosocial experiences on... Read More

Let’s do this Again: Thoughts on the Professional Development and Industry Technology Forum’s Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

This year the American Society of Human Genetics Society hosted a career development forum aimed at providing professional development to trainee and early career members. Among the many workshops during this forum, which was hosted from October 12- 14, 2021, were the two “Perfect Your Elevator Pitch” networking sessions. These sessions focused on both non-industry... Read More

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