Trainee Paper Spotlight: Kritika Singh

Posted by: Katy Brown, ASHG Career Specialist

Kritika Singh is a PhD Candidate at Vanderbilt Genetic Institute, Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
(Photo courtesy of Kritika Singh)
Kritika Singh, BS, PhD Candidate Vanderbilt Genetic Institute, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Singh K, et al. Integrative genomic analyses identify susceptibility genes underlying COVID-19 hospitalization. 2021 Nature Communications 12, 4569.

ASHG: Can you describe the type of research that has your primary focus?

Kritika: My overarching research goals focus on understanding the shared biology of various complex, comorbid conditions, particularly the comorbidities associated with various psychiatric conditions. I am currently involved in investigating the shared functional biology underlying the comorbidity between Depression and Coronary Artery Disease using genetic, genomics and EHR based tools.

ASHG: Throughout your life, what have been some of the biggest career goals that you have wanted to accomplish?

Kritika: My long-term goals are to work at the intersection of academia and industry to advance medical knowledge and understanding of complex diseases. In the coming years I would like to tap into the space of pharmacogenomic and imaging informatics as well.

ASHG: What are some of the reasons you chose to study genetics instead of anything else?

Kritika: Until 10th grade I had no idea about genetics but I got interested in this field because I enjoyed biology and mathematics. Back then I thought it was a pretty cool combination of both my favorite subjects ( and I’ve not looked back since then ). I would say though that this field has a lot of potential to provide screening tools and tests for various complex conditions,


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