March 2016

Trainee Paper Spotlight: Daria Wojtal

Trainee Author: Daria Wojtal PhD Candidate Hospital for Sick Children University of Toronto Wojtal D, Kemaladewi DU, Malam Z, Abdullah S, Wong TW, Hyatt E, Baghestani Z, Pereira S, Stavropoulos J, Mouly V, Mamchaoui K, Muntoni F, Voit T, Gonorazky HD, Dowling JJ, Wilson MD, Mendoza-Londono R, Ivakine EA, Cohn RD. (2016) Spell Checking Nature:... Read More

Career Interview: Gerald Mark Reaven

Career Interview: Gerald Mark Reaven

Professor of Medicine (Active Emeritus) Stanford University School of Medicine ASHG: What academic or extracurricular activities were you involved in during your training that helped you stand out among your peers? Dr. Reaven: I am not sure if I “stood-out”, but if there is anything that has helped me in my academic life it was... Read More

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