January 2016

Trainee Paper Spotlight: Christoph Nowak

Trainee Author: Christoph Nowak, BM BCh(Oxon.), Dipl.-Psych. Graduate Student Uppsala University Protein biomarkers for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes risk in two large community cohorts. Diabetes. 2015 Sep 29. pii: db150881. This paper provides novel insights into the role of protein biomarkers on insulin resistance, highlighting the important discovery potential of biomarkers in understanding... Read More

Career Interview: Guy Rouleau, MD, PhD

Career Interview: Guy Rouleau, MD, PhD

Professor McGill University ASHG: If you had a choice, would you teach more or spend more time on your research? Why? Dr. Rouleau: While I enjoy teaching, I find it rather sterile in that I am speaking to a group of people describing something known. There are two things that I love of research. The first... Read More

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