ASHG’s Proposed Language for Diversity in Research Participation Incorporated in NIH Funding Bill

The Society’s proposed language on diversity in research participation has been incorporated in the final version of this year’s Senate NIH funding bill. The proposed text included in the bill is below:

The Committee recognizes the benefits of broad and inclusive participation in biomedical research for increasing health equity. Research cohorts of diverse genetic ancestry are especially important in genetics and genomics research, where inclusion of a wide range of individuals and communities deepens our understanding of how variation in the human genome interacts with social factors to contribute to health and disease. Sociodemographically diverse research cohorts also ensure that benefits from the health advances accrued from biomedical research are more equitably distributed. The Committee applauds NIH’s efforts to expand research cohort diversity and encourages these efforts to continue in fiscal year 2022. OD should continue to work with ICs across NIH to prioritize biomedical research participation of individuals from underrepresented populations and communities.

The full bill report can be found here, with the text proposed by ASHG located on page 160.

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