Career Interview

Hannah Valantine, MD, MCRP and Joshua Denny, MD, MS

NIH Leadership talks Diversity and Inclusion in Genetic Research: ASHG Interviews Hannah Valantine, MD, MCRP and Joshua Denny, MD, MS

June 2020 ASHG is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives in genetics research and building a scientific community that is welcoming to all. Genetic studies have largely focused on populations of European descent, and more work is needed to create diverse reference datasets. These tools can help to aid precision medicine discoveries for all... Read More

Casey Romanoski, PhD

Inside AJHG: A Chat with Casey Romanoski

Each month, the editors of The American Journal of Human Genetics interview an author of a recently published paper. This month, we check in with Casey Romanoski to discuss her paper, “Systems Genetics in Human Endothelial Cells Identifies Non-coding Variants Modifying Enhancers, Expression, and Complex Disease Traits”. AJHG: What caused you to start working on... Read More

Public Education about Genetics with Carla Easter, NHGRI

March 2020 ASHG: Why is public engagement with science important for both researchers and the public?  Dr. Easter: As researchers, when we think about the need to engage with the public as research participants and partners in the process, we want people to understand what they’re being asked to do and why it matters. This empowers them to make decisions about participation, but also makes it... Read More

How I Use Science Communication in My Career: Dana Crawford

Posted by: Anna Miller, PhD student, Case Western Reserve University  See Part 1 of this interview, which focuses on Dr. Crawford’s career.  We touched base with Dana Crawford, PhD, to share her perspectives and experience in science communication. ASHG: Tell us about how you use science communication in your career. Dr. Crawford: My use of... Read More

How I Work: Dana Crawford

Posted by: Anna Miller, PhD student, Case Western Reserve University We sat down with ASHG Board Member Dana Crawford, Associate Professor of Population and Quantitative Health and Genetics and Genomics Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, to learn more about her work and what motivates her. ASHG: Tell us about your position.  Dr. Crawford: I... Read More

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