ASHG Appreciates its Supportive Volunteers for National Volunteer Appreciation Week

By Mona Miller

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

It’s the perfect time to celebrate people doing extraordinary things through service. Established in 1974, National Volunteer Appreciation Week focuses on the power of volunteerism as an integral aspect of community leadership and membership. At a challenging time for public health and the genetics and genomics community, it is so timely to highlight the importance of community and thank ASHG volunteers who are the backbone of our organization. You lend your time, talent, voice and resources to meet the critical needs of the human genetics and genomics community.  Thank you!

Together, volunteers and staff are an essential team to achieve ASHG’s vision that people everywhere realize the benefits of human genetics and genomics research.  Moreover, during this time of increased instability, distance, and uncertainty, Society volunteers have committed to supporting ASHG and helping to carry out core programming. Here are just a few examples of wonderful volunteer activities underway by hundreds of ASHG members:

  • Advocating for science: Volunteers continually advocate for the continued progress of human genetics, the value of genetics and genomics research, and its translation into advances in science, health, and society.
  • Mentoring our next generation: Mentors guide and teach the next generation of genetics and genomics specialists and share their knowledge and career advice.
  • Creating a venue to share new discovery: Our Program Committee and reviewers help create a top-notch scientific program for ASHG’s Annual Meeting every year.
  • Disseminating research findings: Experts in the field provide their knowledge and expertise in reviewing manuscript submissions and serving on Editorial Boards.
  • Engaging the public: Just in the last month, hundreds of ASHG members have been reviewing more than 800 DNA Day Essay Contest entries. Volunteers also connect with students and the public through our Genetics Engagement and Education (GENE) Network and get involved in engagement activities like organizing a classroom talk, planning field trips, or providing career or academic advice.

Every day we value your support, passion, and enthusiastic generosity. How very appropriate that Volunteer Appreciation Week has arrived at a particularly apt time to say THANK YOU.

Be well!

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