Inside AJHG: A Chat with Aaron Quinlan

Inside AJHG: A Chat with Aaron Quinlan

Posted By: Sarah Ratzel, PhD, Science Editor, AJHG Each month, the editors of The American Journal of Human Genetics interview an author of a recently published paper. This month, we check in with Aaron Quinlan to discuss his paper, “De novo structural mutation rates and gamete-of-origin biases revealed through genome sequencing of 2,396 families”. AJHG:... Read More

21st Century Human Genetics: Challenges and Opportunities

Nascent Transcript Writer: Sumantra Chatterjee, PhD Large scale exome and whole genome sequencing have led to cataloging vast arrays of disease-associated genes and variants for various multifactorial disorders, yet the underlying biology for most of these has been difficult to unravel, leading to diagnostic uncertainty. This has been partly due to our incomplete knowledge of... Read More

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