Stay Through the Weekend! 75th Anniversary Gala Reception, Distinguished Speakers Offer Must-Attend Celebrations and Science

ASHG’s 2023 Annual Meeting will be full of celebration and science through Sunday this year so make plans to stay through the weekend to join exciting activities and events that will celebrate in style and feature top scientists looking to the future of human genetics.

Attendee enjoying the festivites at the Annual meeting receptionASHG’s annual meeting is the largest scientific conference on human genetics and genomics research and a wonderful opportunity to learn about the latest advances, to catch up with colleagues and collaborators, to speak with grantees, and to meet trainees and investigators as they enter the field. It’s also a chance to cultivate connections across the community through hallway chats, and lively conversations.

On Saturday, attendees will not only have the chance to check out the innovations in the Exhibit Hall, but they will also get to hear from exciting speakers and attend a human genetics party to remember – the 75th Gala Reception taking place on Saturday, November 4 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Themed “One Humanity, Many Genomes™,” the event will spotlight 75 years of innovation in the field and how genetics and genomics research is generating benefits for people everywhere. The evening will include plenty of food and drinks and get ready to dance to the live band Ethidium Spill – featuring great rock and roll played by ASHG members Francis Collins, Anthony Antonellis, and Elliott Margulies. Join us in celebrating human genetics, our research community, and Society’s bright future leading new discoveries and better health for people everywhere.

Purchase of a separate ticket during the registration process is required to attend this event. The attire is ‘come as you are.’ Please add this ticket to your registration by no later than October 15 to attend!

For many trainees, especially graduate students, this may well be the first time that they are attending the ASHG annual meeting in person, and the experience will provide critical scientific, career, and networking opportunities for them. Also important is hearing from luminaries in the field who have blazed new conceptual and technological trails in the field and will share their opinions on the important areas of opportunity for the future of human genetics.

To that end, the Distinguished Speakers series taking place on Sunday, November 5 from 11:30 to 1:00 pm may be the ticket! The moderators for this thought-provoking session will be Hunt F. Willard, PhD, Genome National Group and Ambroise Wonkam, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Sharing their thoughts on the next steps for the fields of genetics and genomics will be Melissa B. Davis, PhD, Morehouse School of Medicine; Cynthia Morton, PhD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Karen Miga, PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz; and Adam Rutherford, PhD, University College London.

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And let’s not forget that there is so much to do in Washington, DC, the host city for this year’s annual meeting! The ultimate weekend itinerary includes several popular museums and attractions to maximize your visit. And a stay over the weekend will allow you to enjoy additional travel savings, with reduced costs for hotel rooms and flights that depart the following Monday.

If you are considering leaving prior to the weekend, we encourage you to reconsider! Don’t miss out on these exciting events! For more information on the ASHG 2023 Annual Meeting, go here.


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