Genetics and Genomics Career Accelerator – Reputation Management

Career advice in influencing and controlling how people think about you.

Career Paths: Knowing What Is and What Isn’t In Your Career Toolkit (time stamp: 11:40-34-18)

Tips for BAs, MAs, and prospective PhDs

Networking: Making the Most of Reddit (time stamp: 44:38-1:04:37)

Networking: Virtues and Pitfalls of Social Media (time stamp: 5:40-7:50)

Networking: Effective Use of Social Media (time stamp: 9:19-10:55)

Networking: Tweet for Science and Opportunities (time stamp: 10:58-20:14)

Networking: Keeping Professional and Personal Social Media Separate (time stamp: 20:24-44:25)

Networking: Building Up An Online Presence (time stamp: 7:50-10:57)

Career Path: Embracing Uncertainty and Early Missteps (time stamp: 9:27-12:55)

Career Wellness: Responding to Online Criticism (time stamp: 1:04:57-1:05:42)

Career Wellness: Advocating for Diversity Online (time stamp: 1:05:47-1:07:55)

Wellness: Tips For Speaking With Patients (time stamp: 4:15 – 5:56)


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