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Statement on the Importance of Participation of Scientists in K-12 Science Education




Trainee Leadership Opportunities


The American Society of Human Genetics invites trainee members (defined as undergraduate students and individuals completing post-baccalaureate training in human genetics or allied fields) to contribute to the Society's leadership by serving on ASHG committees or the ASHG Board of Directors. Trainees in these positions are expected to be full, engaged committee/board members and to fully embrace the responsibilities of their position (please see below).


ASHG Board of Directors (1 position starting January 1, 2015)

The Board of Directors, which currently has 17 members, formulates policies of the Society; elects the Secretary and Treasurer; appoints the Executive Vice President and Journal Editor; fills such vacancies among the officers and directors as may occur between elections; has charge of funds and endowments of the Society; authorizes expenditures; delegates signature authority; and conducts such other business as may be desirable.


Commitments include:

  • Meeting in person twice per year: once for two days prior to the start of the annual meeting, and once for two days at ASHG headquarters in Bethesda, MD in the spring. Travel expenses are paid by ASHG for the spring meeting; complimentary registration is provided for the annual meeting.

  • One-day orientation for new board members prior to the spring meeting.

  • Eight hours of prep time with board materials in advance of each board meeting.

  • Occasional documents to read; occasional online voting, conference calls.


  • You must be a trainee member of ASHG at the time of application; international trainee members are welcome to apply.

  • All applicants working toward a terminal degree (MS, PhD, MD, etc.) are eligible to apply. If you have received your terminal degree, it must have been awarded in 2012 or later.

  • To avoid conflicts of interest, you may not apply if your mentor is a current ASHG board member.

  • As with all committee/board members, you may hold only one leadership position at a time. Trainees currently serving on ASHG committees are not eligible to apply.


Prospective board members are typically nominated, approved for the ballot by the Nominations Committee and the Executive Committee, and subjected to a direct vote of the full membership.  For the trainee board position, the Training and Development Committee will narrow applications to the top candidates, and subject to approval, those candidates will be placed on the ballot for a direct vote by the full membership in the summer of 2014. All applicants will be notified of their status in late May.


If you are interested in serving on the Board, please complete the application no later than Monday, May 5, 2014. The application requires:

  • a CV

  • a statement of your interest in serving on the Board

  • long-form answers to the following questions

    • What is your vision for ASHG and what do you see as the Board's role in guiding the direction of the Society?

    • What do you see as the major concerns and opportunities facing ASHG members still in the early phase of their careers?

  • information regarding your membership history and attendance at ASHG meetings

  • two recommendations from senior colleagues, one of which MUST be from an ASHG member; references will be asked to comment on the following:

    • Please describe the applicant's leadership skills and potential, including his/her previous experience with professional and/or volunteer service.

    • How will the applicant's interests and experience benefit the ASHG Board of Directors?

Please note that recommendation forms will be sent directly to your identified references when you submit your applicationAll recommendation forms must be completed by Friday, May 16, 2014.


Application deadline is May 5, 2014!


Please contact Katherine Lontok, PhD, Educational Programs Manager, at with any questions.


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