Arvind Kothandaraman

Get to Know Arvind Kothandaraman, Science Communicator and PEAC Member

Arvind Kothandaraman is a member of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Public Education and Awareness Committee (PEAC), and Managing Director of Specialty Diagnostics at PerkinElmer, Inc. His primary professional interest is in equipping clinical laboratories with the tools needed to meet their technical and operational goals. Through his work and community relationships, he... Read More

Get to Know Michael Bauer, Geneticist and Science Communicator

Posted by Evelyn Mantegani, Manager, Public Engagement, Communications and Marketing, ASHG Michael Bauer, PhD, is a member of the Public Education and Awareness Committee (PEAC) and is an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas. He is a bioinformatician who specializes in cancer genomics using Next Generation Sequencing... Read More

ASHG Connects with Students and Teachers to Share Resources

ASHG Connects with Students and Teachers to Share Resources

ASHG envisions a future with an informed public that continues to understand basic genetic concepts, receives equitable access to genetic information, and understands and appreciates humanity’s diversity. To achieve this, the Society has exhibited at a few 2020 conferences for the science-interested public and science educators. The goal of attending these conferences was to increase awareness of ASHG and its resources, as well as connect with a larger public community.   During the month of... Read More

Meet Ellen Quillen, Geneticist and GENE Network Member

Posted By: Evelyn Mantegani, Senior Specialist, Marketing and Communications, ASHG Despite not being able to enter the classroom, Ellen Quillen, PhD found a way to continue her relationship with an AP Biology class she connected with through the GENE Network. Initially contacted in 2019 by teacher Leah Cataldo, PhD, Dr. Quillen met for the second... Read More

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