Hosting Lab Tours, a Step-By-Step Process

Hosting Lab Tours, a Step-By-Step Process

Do you remember the first time you entered a genetics lab? It may have sparked your curiosity, raised questions, or even inspired you to pursue a career in human genetics research. While it is common for some ASHG members to spend time in the place where findings are made and breakthroughs occur, many outside the... Read More

2022 DNA Day Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated. Happy DNA Day! 2022 Question The “Father of Genetics,” Gregor Mendel, was born 200 years ago in northern Moravia (now Czechia).  His experiments with pea plants led to observations and conclusions that became fundamental principles of genetic inheritance. These principles include: 1) Each organism... Read More

Nelson Ugwu earned his MD from the Yale School of Medicine and is now an Internal Medicine Resident at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Inside HGG Advances: A Chat with Nelson Ugwu

Posted By: HGG Advances HGGA: What motivated you to start working on this project?   NU: Despite being first described over 100 years ago, mutations underlying hepatic hemangiomas (HHs) had not been identified. Mutations associated with cutaneous venous malformations (CVMs) have been found, but a significant proportion still have no genetic explanation. We also found it... Read More

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