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A Walkthrough of the New Whole Transcriptome Atlas Spatial Profiling Application with NGS Readout.
A Walkthrough of the New Whole Transcriptome Atlas Spatial Profiling Application with NGS Readout, featuring Erica Pawlak, PhD, includes an introduction to the newest application in spatial profiling from NanoString Technologies, including technical details and practical case studies. The GeoMx® Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) is designed for comprehensive profiling of spatial biology. Profile the RNA expression >18,000 genes in human and >21,000 genes in mouse with spatial resolution in any region of interest from a single tissue section using the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler. Sponsored by Nanostring


Spatial Genomics in Cancer Research with Illumina Sequencing and the NanoString GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler.
Spatial Genomics in Cancer Research with Illumina Sequencing and the NanoString GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler is a webinar put together by two powerhouse companies in genomics and spatial biology: Illumina Sequencing and NanoString Technologies. Sequencing-based spatial analyses allow researchers to study the tumor microenvironment in situ and understand the dynamic relationship between the tumor and its microenvironment. Spatial genomics offers an unbiased view of cancer biology and true discovery power for drug targets and biomarkers. Learn how three researchers are utilizing spatial profiling with NanoString’s GeoMx assays, including the Cancer Transcriptome Atlas for Human and the Whole Transcriptome Atlas for Human and Mouse, combined with Illumina sequencing output to gain a deeper insight into their discovery research efforts. Sponsored by Nanostring


Spatial ‘Omics: The Next Frontier for Discovery and Translation.
Spatial ‘Omics: The Next Frontier for Discovery and Translation featuring, Jason Reeves, PhD, Senior Scientist of Translational Science at NanoString Technologies, discusses new developments for spatial profiling of FFPE, Fresh Frozen, TMA samples. NanoString’s GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) combines the best of spatial and molecular profiling by generating a whole tissue image at single-cell resolution and digital profiling data for RNA or Protein analytes from 10s of targets to the whole transcriptome, or 100s of proteins.This unique combination of high-plex, high-throughput spatial profiling enables researchers to rapidly and quantitatively assess the biological implications of the heterogeneity within tissue samples, validated by >80 publications, accommodates targeted and discovery-based workflows in a non-destructive manner, allowing further investigation of your sample. Sponsored by Nanostring


PacBio Rare Disease Week
Learn how scientists are using highly accurate long-read sequencing in large-scale studies to help identify causative variants and increase solve rates in rare disease research, shortening the diagnostic odyssey for rare and undiagnosed diseases. Sponsored by PacBio


PacBio Neuroscience Day
Learn how highly accurate long-read sequencing can be used at every stage of your research, from disease variant identification to elucidation of the disease mechanisms and screening disease cohorts. Presentations range from rare undiagnosed disease to common complex disease, and methods presented range from whole genome sequencing to RNA sequencing (both bulk and single-cell) and various targeted sequencing methods. Sponsored by PacBio


How the Sequel IIe System Removes Barriers and Empowers Life Scientists
HiFi reads from PacBio are transforming sequencing. With their unique combination of high accuracy and long read lengths, HiFi reads produce superior results across a range of applications, from creation of reference-quality de novo assemblies, to comprehensive variant detection and full-length transcript sequencing. Moreover, HiFi data is easy to store and process, dramatically reducing compute and data storage needs. Learn how HiFi reads are empowering leading core labs and service providers, and how the new Sequel IIe System, which directly outputs HiFi reads, is making it easier than ever before to get started with HiFi reads or add capacity. Sponsored by PacBio


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CExplore new possibilities with the future of single cell
Our latest single cell instrument, Chromium X, was designed and built to help you achieve your research goals, now and in the future. For every stage of your single cell journey, Chromium X has the power to make it happen and the flexibility to match the scale of your research needs. When you’re ready to take the next step to expand your single cell profiling or increase your sample sizes, you will already be prepared—with a complete single cell system right at your bench.

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