ASHG Genetics Education Engagement Network

The Genetics Engagement & Education Network is a place where the public can connect with ASHG members about human genetics-related questions. Please note that if you have a medical question, you should go to your doctor. Or, the National Society of Genetic Counselors' Find a Genetic Counselor resource can refer you to a person who may be able to answer medical questions. This Network can be used to organize a classroom talk, plan a field trip, ask about career or academic advice, or almost any other human-genetics related query you may have. The Genetic Engagement & Education Network is made up of ASHG members who have volunteered their time to be a resource and answer your questions at no cost to you. Your questions may take a few days to be answered.

Genetics Engagement & Education Network

How to Access the Network

Follow the button above to access the directory. In the top right corner of the directory page, under the search bar, you will find icons representing, in order, a table view, a list view, and a map view. To access the map view, you will need to allow our site to access your device's location.

On the left side of the page, select your audience, level of support, topics of interest, and any non-English languages needed. You may select multiple items in each section, and can clear your selections in individual sections by clicking “Clear” or in all sections by clicking “Reset All”.

Once you have filtered your choices, you will see the list of ASHG members near you whom you may contact. Clicking on each member’s name will take you to a page with the information that person has provided. Clicking on the “Contact Me” button will take you to a form that will be submitted to an ASHG staff member, who will then connect you to the member if your request is relevant and appropriate.

For the Public

In addition to the directory, you may also find these ASHG resources helpful:

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For ASHG Members

Sign up to be part of the Genetics Engagement & Education Network. To see what you receive as a member of this Network, look through the Sign-Up Welcome Page.

For any other questions, please email