Public Engagement

My First Six Months in the Genetics Education and Engagement Fellowship

Posted By: Sarah Robbins, PhD, 2019-2020 ASHG/NHGRI Genetics Education & Engagement Fellow Are you thinking about applying for the ASHG-NHGRI Genetics Education & Engagement Fellowship? Are you unsure if this fellowship is for you? From my own application process, here’s some more information about what the review committee is looking for and what you’ll learn during your 16-month experience. I joined ASHG as a member in 2015. I... Read More

Enabling the Public to Realize the Benefits of Genetics Research

March 2020 Research in human genetics and genomics is moving rapidly into all areas of science and health, and it’s important to understand public views of research progress and participation in research. By understanding how the public views our field, we can identify opportunities for new programs that help us fulfill our vision that people everywhere realize the benefits of human genetics and... Read More

Public Education Through Film with Chris Durrance, The Gene

March 2020 As part of its 2019 strategic plan, ASHG renewed its commitment to engaging with the public about genomics. ASHG is working to create new resources and opportunities, but is also highlighting excellent outside resources. One such resource is the upcoming film, The Gene: An Intimate History, based on the bestselling book by  Siddhartha... Read More

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