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ASHG 2018 Recap: Polygenic Risk Scores

ASHG 2018 Recap: Polygenic Risk Scores

Written by Nascent Transcript writer Brooke Wolford November 2018  What scientific themes did you identify at the ASHG 2018 Annual Meeting? You may remember several themes, including the need for genetics research in diverse populations, the power of large cohorts like the UK Biobank, and the applications of polygenic risk scores (PRS). A PRS, sometimes... Read More

GINA’s 10th Anniversary and the Future of Genetic Privacy

Written by Nascent Transcript writer Allison McCague August 2018 May 21 of this year marked the tenth anniversary of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), a landmark piece of legislation that Senator Ted Kennedy—one of the sponsors of the bill—called “the first civil rights bill of the new century of the life sciences.” GINA’s passage was the... Read More

Putting the “Ph” Back in PhD

Written by Nascent Transcript writer Jennifer Zieba May 2018 The title PhD is awarded to a person who has received a Doctorate in Philosophy. I spent five and half years earning my PhD, but I came out of graduate school knowing more about vector cloning than I ever wanted and less about whether I should... Read More

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