Career Development Events at ASHG 2021: Setting You up for Success

Contributing Authors: Emily Davenport, PhD and Saumya Sisoudiya, BS/BA, Career Development Committee Co-Chairs

How can I find a postdoc or set myself up for a career in industry? Is my elevator pitch solid, so I can network in any situation?  These are questions many early career scientists ask themselves, and the Career Development Events from October 12-14th prior to ASHG 2021 can help you answer them!

The events are devoted to all things professional development, no matter what stage in your career you are in. From organized sessions, to networking, to one-on-one career development advice, the events offers many opportunities to grow toward your professional goals.

Throughout the course of the week, there will be events you can virtually attend. First, are you thinking about finding a postdoctoral fellowship as a soon-to-be graduate PhD student, or hiring a postdoc as a new PI? Come to the “Tips on How to Land a Postdoctoral Position as a Trainee Or Fill a Postdoctoral Position in Your Lab as a Research Advisor” panel to ask questions and hear from individuals who have recently gone through those experiences.

Secondly, are you thinking a career in industry might be for you, and want to make sure you are setting yourself up to be competitive for your ideal position? Come to the “Industry and Biotechnology Careers Panel” on October 13th to hear expert advice on what skills will be most in-demand for this career track in the next few years. This session will help you develop your own career roadmap for the course of your training and beyond to optimize your chances of getting hired.

Finally, no matter what career stage you are in, what sector you work, everyone needs a good elevator pitch! Come to the interactive “Perfect Your Elevator Speech” networking event to practice your elevator pitch. People from all sectors of the genetics field will be there to give you the chance to network broadly and practice tweaking an elevator pitch customized to your audience.

Beyond these three sessions, there will be many other opportunities to hone your skills and form a community with your peers. Sign up for a slot with a career counselor who will review your CV or resume and give you tips for making it stand out. Attend the Diversity Luncheon to engage with a community of your peers who are interested in increasing equity and diversity in genetics research. Finally, network with your peers and recruiters in industry during the Industry Networking Event.

See you during the ASHG 2021 Professional Development and Industry Technology Forum from October 12-14th!

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