U.S. Public Views of Genetics: An ASHG Survey

As genetics and genomics knowledge expands rapidly across research and medicine, Americans are excited and optimistic about this area of research and its possible benefits, according to a survey released in January 2020 by ASHG in partnership with Research!America. The survey finds the large majority of Americans agree genetic knowledge will be important to their own health and their families’ health.

Press Release

Executive Summary of Results

Literature Review

Key Findings

  1. Americans are curious and hopeful about human genetics research.
  2. Americans support federal funding for genetic research.
  3. Americans think genetic research is important to improving family health.
  4. Consent and privacy are important for participation in genetic research.
  5. Most Americans have misconceptions about some concepts of human genetics.
  6. Most Americans are not familiar with key promising areas of research like precision medicine.
  7. The ancestry and ethnic background of respondents inform some of these findings.

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