Evolution and Genetics
ASHG, Information and Education Committee

The teaching of evolution, the unifying concept for all of biology, increasingly is under scrutiny in the United States and several other countries, as critics try to discredit the theory itself or attempt to introduce unscientific alternatives such as "intelligent design theory" into the science classroom. Genetics and evolution are intimately related, so much so that it is difficult to understand one without some understanding of the other. In fact, many members of ASHG work directly on evolution-related research problems, and it is safe to say that the work of virtually all other members is informed in one way or another by evolution theory.

This series of essays, all by ASHG members, demonstrates the historical, conceptual, and practical connections between genetics - especially human genetics - and evolution. We hope that these essays will help our readers see more clearly the centrality of evolution theory to biology and its importance for science education while providing as well some insights into the diverse interests of our members. We welcome your feedback and questions, which you can submit by emailing Evelyn Mantegani.