Meet ASHG’s New CEO: Amanda Perl

Amanda Perl
Amanda Perl

Amanda Perl, newly appointed CEO, comes to ASHG with a customer-focused mindset and fully transparent and collaborative leadership style joining us with a deep understanding of what it takes to run a successful and thriving member-based organization.

She comes to the Society from the American Thyroid Association (ATA) where she has led educational program development, governance training, aligned committees and workgroups to strategic plan objectives and strengthened relationships with strategic and international partners. Prior to her position at ATA, Amanda was the Chief Global Member Engagement Officer at the Endocrine Society, where she led the creation of the Society’s first Special Interest Groups to increase member engagement and value.

As the incoming CEO starting on May 14, Perl’s priorities are to maintain the organization’s thriving culture and continue accelerating its growth. Drawing from her decades of experience working with Boards and not for profit organizations, she plans to guide the Society’s efforts to improve operational efficiencies and ensure the Society remains resilient and to work with the staff and leadership to add value for members in an increasingly digital landscape.

“Genetics is at the forefront of scientific discovery, and it is intriguing to work with brilliant scientists who support innovation,” she said. “I want to take my experiences of working with associations to help the Society thrive. I’m looking forward to learning more about ASHG and serving the community as we look ahead to the next 75 years.”

With this fresh in mind, Amanda’s future vision for ASHG is grounded in the organization’s superior service, experienced people, and trusted partners. “I hope to create more opportunities across the spectrum to help the public understand the positive impact that human genetics and genomics research has on health,” she said. “We can help to lead these conversations and work to strengthen and develop partnerships that will ultimately lead to positive outcomes for human health and for people everywhere.”

Outside the office, Amanda enjoys traveling, working in her garden, where she grows tomatoes, basil, mint, and other vegetables, and going to the shore with her family when time permits. She is passionate about cooking and trying new recipes. Amanda is a native of New Jersey and currently lives with her husband in Arlington, Virginia.

In addition to having a positive impact on the advancement of ASHG, it is also important to Amanda to have fun doing it and to support a balance of enjoying what the team is doing while accomplishing the mission. “It is important to enjoy the process along the way working with terrific people while celebrating accomplishments both large and small,” she said.

For more information on Amanda’s appointment, check out the announcement in ASHG’s press release. We look forward to welcoming Amanda to the ASHG team in a few months!


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