ASHG’s mission is ‘…to advance human genetics in science, health and society…’. We can accomplish this mission only if the right policies are in place to support scientific discovery, the translation of scientific discoveries into health advances, and the appropriate application of genetics in society. It is also essential to support policies that integrate the teaching of genetics in children’s education and in the training of health professionals, and that enhance the genetic literacy of the adult public. ASHG therefore analyzes emerging policy issues, comments on pending legislation and regulations, and advocates for evidence-based policies that benefit science, personal and public health, and society at large.

ASHG conducts many other policy-related activities. It supports genetics professionals interested in pursuing policy-related careers by co-sponsoring the Genetics and Public Policy fellowship. It issues statements regarding the clinical and societal uses of genetic information. The Social Issues Committee conducts activities concerned with the impact of genetic knowledge and practice on society at large. Through its Advocacy Award, it honors groups and individuals who have exhibited excellence and achievement in promoting the science of human genetics and its application for the common good. The Annual Meeting further provides a forum to highlight and debate policy issues affecting genetics.

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