Trainee Excellence Spotlight

The Trainee Paper Spotlight highlights outstanding recent papers written by trainee members of ASHG. Browse the archives!

Nominate a Paper

  • The nominee must be a current calendar year trainee member of ASHG (please check the member directory), and must be the first author or co-first author of the nominated paper.
  • Self-nominations are eligible.
  • The nominated paper must have been published within the last year.

Please complete the form below to nominate an outstanding trainee research paper. We recognize that there are many subfields in human genetics and welcome nomination of good, peer-reviewed papers regardless of where they are published.

Trainee Excellence Spotlight Working Group

Andrew Marderstein, Stanford University (leader)

Noha Sharafeldin , Univ Alabama at Birmingham

Elisabetta Morini, Harvard

Arwa Raies, AstraZeneca

Marija Debeljak, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


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