Hosting the ASHG Annual Meeting

Are you a sales representative of a city or convention center? Please refer to this page to learn how your city can benefit from the world’s largest gathering of human genetics and genomics professionals and if your infrastructure can be a great fit for hosting the next ASHG Annual Meeting!

Impact on Facility
Exhibit Hall Square Footage 300,000 to 350,000 gross square feet
Catering Revenue (Center) $350,000-$550,000 (includes ICW revenue)
Catering Revenue (Headquarters Hotel) $200,000-$300,000
Booth Catering Revenue $20,000
Concession Stand Revenue $50,000
Telecommunications View 2018 Wi-Fi usage
Audiovisual $450,000-$500,000
Electrical $50,000
Cleaning/Trash Removal $20,000
Economic Impact on the City
Source        Impact
Direct Attendee Spending $12-15 million
Economic Impact $20-26 million
Total Hotel Room Revenue $2.5 million
Hotel Occupancy Tax $270,000
Hotel Rate Range $189-$289
Convention Temp Staff $25,000
Restaurant Services 80-100 reservations

Note: The above amounts are estimated and may vary depending on the city calculation formula.

Preferred Dates
  • October or early November
  • Not to conflict with any holidays, including Canadian Thanksgiving, Jewish Holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succoth), Halloween, or General Election Day.
Sleeping Room Requirements

Date Pattern: Major Arrival Tuesday/Wednesday; Departure Friday/Saturday
Peak Night: 2,800 rooms; 80% singles

2022 Pick-up Report (Los Angeles Meeting overall block only)

2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings held Virtually

2019 Pick-up Report (Houston Meeting overall block only)

2018 Pick-up Report (San Diego Meeting overall block only)

2017 Pick-up Report (Orlando Meeting overall block only)

2016 Pick-up Report (Vancouver Meeting overall block only)



















Rates: Attendees are responsible for their own housing and incidentals, and are very rate sensitive. Rates must include complimentary internet. Reduced rates for some rooms used by Society officers, directors, and staff at a 50% discount off convention rates. Headquarters Hotel to provide at least three complimentary suites over and above. One complimentary sleeping room per 40 room nights on an accumulative basis. Rates are net, non-commissionable except for fees to housing bureau. ASHG seeks hotels within a 20-minute or less walking distance and prefers not to use shuttles. Hotel contract terms should include no attrition.

Meeting Space Requirements (Convention Center)

Meeting space for all offices, concurrent scientific sessions and exhibit/poster areas must be under one roof. The Headquarters Hotel may be used for committee meetings and ancillary functions.

Exhibit & Poster Hall: 300,000 gross square feet in contiguous space required for a 320-350 10×10 booths show, 800 4′ x 6’ poster boards on 15′ centers. Restaurant and lounge areas also required. Exhibitor Lounge, Exhibitor Registration, and Exhibitor Management will be located inside Exhibit Hall, as well as product theaters and career development theaters.

Concurrent Sessions: (10) rooms with theater-style seating for 500 to 2,000 with staging, screen, data projector, 6′ head table, podium with light and microphone, lavaliere microphone, aisle microphones, table microphones.

Walking distance between concurrent sessions is very important and should be less than 5 minutes. Use of multiple buildings to accommodate the concurrent sessions is not acceptable.

General Session (Plenary, at least 90,000 gross square feet): Theater-style seating for 6,500, staging, screens, data projection, video enhancement, 8′ head table, podium with light and microphone, lavaliere microphone, aisle microphones, table microphones.

Workshop Rooms: (15) workshop rooms to seat theater or classroom from 150 to 300.

Offices: (10) rooms of approximately 2,000 gross square feet each for society offices, attendee services, and A/V staff. Offices should be available on a 24-hour basis, with a lock.

Registration: Typically in lobby space large enough for 25-30 6′ counters.

Committee Meetings: (5-10) conference or u-shape style rooms for 15-35 people.

Meeting Space Requirements (Headquarter Hotel)

Most events at the Headquarter Hotel are affiliate functions, such as committee meetings, workshops, and banquets. They bring approximately $250,000 in revenue to the hotel, but depending on the program, revenue may be higher. The following is a tentative schedule for meeting space needs at the Headquarter Hotel:

# rooms 800-1500 sq ft # rooms 1500-2500 sq ft # rooms 2500-5000 sq ft
Sunday 2 2
Monday 5 5
Tuesday 15 12 6
Wednesday 15 13 7
Thursday 15 13 7
Friday 5 10 4
Saturday 5 5

Note: Most rooms at Headquarter Hotel are used for breakfast, lunch, and evening events. 24-hour holds are not necessary. Exhibit & Poster Hall begins move-in on Friday, and Saturday move-out starts at 4 pm and ends at midnight.

We often have two hotels that serve our Headquarter Hotel needs.

Sample Convention Center Daily Schedule

Other Considerations

To better serve attendee needs, we prefer cities with:

  • Hotels within price range within walking distance to convention center
  • Easily accessible/affordable transportation from airport and within downtown area
  • Nearby dining options and nearby cultural activities
Submit an RFP for a Future Year

Consider this list of advance questions to address if submitting an RFP for a future year.

About Your City: List important websites that can tell more about your city (e.g. tourism or government websites).

ADA: Do you have accessibility information for the city? Is there a government website with further information to help attendees with disabilities?

Airport Transportation: Is there an official airport shuttle(s)? What is the cost of a shuttle one-way to downtown hotels? Could you approximately estimate the cost of a taxi from the airport to downtown hotels?

Attendance Building: Can you describe your attendance building program, especially for targeting international countries? Do you have programs that assist Association with marketing? What local universities and companies are located within a 100-mile radius of your city?

City/State Holidays: Please address any city or state holidays that could potentially affect the Annual Meeting.

Construction/Expansions: Are the Center and/or the city (including hotels), involved in constructions that may affect the Annual Meeting in the future?

Emergency Information: Could you provide resources such as websites, on the emergency plans for the city in case of an emergency? Can you provide information on emergency plans from the Center? Does the Center serve as a “shelter“ during a city or state emergency?

Hospitals/Emergency Rooms: List nearby hospitals and/or emergency rooms.

Housing: How is housing handled by? Do you use a housing company (3rd party)? If so, who are they? What is charge to hotels? How is this handled?

License/Letter of Agreement: Could you provide a copy of the current license agreement with the convention center and a copy of the letter of agreement? This should be signed before the license agreement. How far out do you ask for the license agreement to be endorsed and what is the deposit schedule?

Local Pharmacy/Grocery Store: Please provide information on the closest grocery stores and pharmacy, especially 24-hour pharmacies.

Maps: Could you provide a map of the downtown area showing location of hotels in conjunction with the Center?

Public Transportation: Please provide information on public transportation options. Is there a website where further information can be found?
For groups such as ours, is a shuttle service needed from hotels to the convention center?

Public Parking Garages: Could you provide a list of public parking garages? Is there a website where this information can be found?

Unions: Please address how the unions operate and outline any issues we should be aware of.

Welcome Program: What do you complimentary provide in terms of a “welcome” program for associations?

Convention Center:

  • What other groups will be in the Center over same dates or pre/post our show? What rooms/halls are they utilizing?
  • Can you email a current set of catering menus? What F&B outlets/concession stands does the Center offer?
  • Does the center have information on “accessibility” for handicapped attendees?
  • Who is in the in-house audio-visual company? Would they be willing to provide 1 complimentary lectern microphone at no cost to Association (in up to 10 rooms)?
  • What are the exclusive services with the convention center?
  • What is the equipment inventory? Do you have 6’ or 8’ tables? What is the inventory for each? What is the standard roundtable set (8 or 10 persons per table). What are the sizes of round tables and inventory?
  • What is the total number of chairs in inventory?
  • Chairs at poster boards: we will require one chair at every other board in the poster hall. (approximately 1000 chairs) at no cost. Is the Center willing to provide?
  • What is the standard room set at no additional cost?
  • What is the fee for room resets?
  • Does each room come with a water cooler and if so is it at no cost to the association?
  • How is the water service at head table and in session rooms handled?
  • What plans does the center have in place for emergency situations? Is the Center used as a “shelter” in emergencies?
  • Do you offer Wireless Internet? What areas and what is the cost? What is the capacity/number of concurrent?


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